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Don't sue me, I don't own Gundam Wing or Quatre or Sandrock. I do own all the pics and junk on this site so, if you're gonna take it, ask me first. Or link to the site. No stealing! If you want something, ask me first. If you find something that's yours on the site, please tell me. If something is signed by Quatre, it means me. I'm obsessed with Gundam Wing to the point where I go by a main charactersname. Don't call the police telling them that there's a madman going by "Quatre" on the loose. Please.
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I still need some help. Send me your Quatre pics and fics and art. I'd love to see or read it. As you can see, I have changed a couple of things with the size and all. Hope you enjoy! Now you can visit my New Site! My computer crashed. I lost All my fics. And my pics. STUFF!
January 6, 2003