The First Edition, edited by Thomas Ellwood
From the text published London: Thomas Northcott, 1694 (unless otherwise noted.)

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This holy man was raised up by God in an extraordinary manner, for an extraordinary work, even to awaken the sleeping world, by proclaiming the Might Day of the Lord to the Nations, and publishing again the Everlasting Gospel to the inhabitants of the earth, after the long and dismal night of apostasy and darkness. For this work the Lord began to prepare him by many and various trials and exercises from his very childhood and having fitted and furnished him for it, he called him into it very young; and made him instrumental, by the effectual working of the Holy Ghost, through his ministry to call many others into the same work, and to turn many thousands from darkness to the Light of Christ, and from the power of Satan unto God. I knew him not, till the year 1660: and from that time to the time of his death I knew him well, conversed with him often, observed him much, loved him dearly, and honored him truly; and upon good experience can say, he was indeed a heavenly minded man, zealous for the Name of the Lord, and preferred the honor of God before all things. He was valiant for the Truth, bold in asserting it, patient in suffering for it, unwearied in laboring for it, steady in his testimony to it; immoveable as a rock. Deep he was in Divine Knowledge, clear in opening heavenly mysteries, plain and powerful in preaching, fervent in prayer. He was richly endued with heavenly wisdom, quick in discerning, sound in judgment, able and ready in giving, discreet in keeping counsel: a lover of righteousness, an encourager of virtue, justice, temperance, meekness, purity, chastity, modesty, humility, charity, self denial in all, both by word and example. Graceful was he in countenance, manly in personage, grave in gesture, courteous in conversation, weighty in communication, instructive in discourse; free from affectation in speech or carriage. A sever reprover of hard and obstinate sinners; a mild and gentle admonisher of such, as were tender, and sensible of their failings: not apt to resent personal wrongs; easy to forgive injuries: but zealously earnest, where the honor of God, the prosperity of Truth, the people of the Church were concerned. Very tender, compassionate and pitiful he was to all, that were under any sort of affliction; full of brotherly love, full of fatherly care: for indeed, the care of the Churches of Christ was daily upon him, the prosperity and peace whereof his studiously sought. Beloved he was of God; beloved of God's people: and (which was not the least part of his honor) the common butt of all Apostates' envy; whose good notwithstanding he earnestly sought. He lived to seethe desire of his soul, the spreading of that blessed principle of Divine Light, through many European Nations, and not a few of the American Islands and Provinces, and the gathering of many thousands into an establishment therein; which the Lord vouchsafed him the honor to be the first effectual publisher of, in this latter age of the world. And having fought a good fight, finished his course, and kept the faith, his righteous soul (freed from the earthly tabernacle, in which he has led an exemplary life of holiness) was translated into those heavenly mansions, where Christ our Lord went to prepare a place for his; there to possess that glorious crown of righteousness, which is laid up for, and shall be given by the Lord the righteous Judge, to all them that love his appearance. Ages to come, and peoples yet unborn shall call him blessed, and bless the Lord for raising of him up: and blessed shall we also be, if we so walk, as we had him for an example; for whom this testimony lives in my heart, he lived and died the SERVANT of the LORD.