Top House Songs of 1997
'Give It Up' by Victor Calderone
'Salva Mea' by Faithless
'Beat Me Harder' by Victor Calderone
'Ain't No Need To Hide' by Sandy B
'Get Up' by Hard Days Part 2
'Secret Studio' by Drop Out
'Goosebumps' by nylx
'Follow Me' by Space Frog
'Hold On Tight' by Lambda featuring Martha Wash
'Kiss You All Over' by No Mercy
'Nightmare' by Brain Bug
'Free' by Ultra Nate
'Perfect Love' by House of Prince feat. Oezlem
'Things Just Ain't The Same' by Deborah Cox
'Elements' by Danny Tenaglia
'What I Want, What I Need' by Angel Moraes
'Son of a Preacher Man' by soul s.k.
'K-Hole' by Size Queen
'Spin Spin Sugar' by Sneaker Pimps
'Musique' by Daft Punk
'Just A Freak' by Crystal Waters
'No Good' by Depeche Mode
'YDW' by S'n'S'
'Get Up Stand Up' by Phunky Phantom
'Latina Acrylica' by T-Total
Cafe Del Mar ('97 remix) by Energy 52
'You're Not Alone' by Olive
'To The Rhythm' by Angel Moraes

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