The Great Big Book Of Jokes

900 Of The Best Jokes

The best jokes around. And a few of the second best.

Author: J. R. Miller
Date: September 1999
Type: Paperback

From The Creator Of Shayne Michael's: Humor Index Y2K

    This page will feature some of the most well organized humor links on the net. It will specialize in only joke & comedy related sites. All sites listed here will be reviewed for content related purposes. There is also a collection of the best sites for each category in the winners circle. There are currently, 70 different categories of sites.

These are the best sites in each category. Click Here: For the top rated site for each catagory. Visit me at MP3. Pay my rent. Feed those kids I never knew I had. MP3 is an awesome site for any webmaster with a sense of humor...

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