We are glad that you stopped by!  We are John, Stephanie, Kenny, Sophia, Nickolas, Emily and Curtis.  We are a large family, as you can see (click on the first star on the left), and love (almost) every minute of it!  We take walks to the park, play croquet and when the weather is bad, as it often is here in the great Pacific Northwest, we play indoor games.  Most important is our relationship with God our Father, and Jesus, His Son.  We are committed Christians because He gives us the Faith, Hope, Love and Joy that we need to survive in this world!
Here is our story: John and I met in the Fall of '94, we worked together at a place called Incredible Universe, which was not open for very long, but just long enough for us to meet and get married!  He was a single man looking for someone to spend the rest of his life with and I was a single mom to Kenny and Sophia.  We didn't start dating however, til Jan of '95.  John asked me to marry him by the end of Jan and we were married in August!  Whew!!  Talk about whirlwind!!  But we knew we were meant for each other and why wait!  God brought us together and it's been heaven on earth ever since!! . . . . Then came Nickolas, Emily and Curtis in the next four years!  Whew!! Talk about pregnant!! I don't ever want to hear the word again!!  But, yes, we are done!
John likes to play golf in his spare time, and pool is his specialty.  He won 5 fifth place awards for his master pool playing in college tournaments. 
In what spare time I have, I quilt!!! I hope to have some pictures up soon, so you can see them.  And I also spend a lot of time online with my quilting buddies.
Kenny is 11yo and is in the gifted program in our school district. He likes all sports, but Pokemon most of all!   Sophia is 8yo and loves horses and Barbie! Nickolas is 5 and goes toKindergarten!  Mom will be in heaven because she has 3 in school!!  Emily is 4yo and is the little terror of the family!  We have to keep an eye on her because you never know what she is going to get into . . .putting things in the toilet, mom's scissors, coloring her legs with markers?!!  Curtis is 2 1/2 and beginning to talk very well.  Yes, my hands are full, but so is my heart!
The next pages are devoted to inspirational stores and poems that I hope will encourage you. . .
I hope that you will come back and see what's new and tell your friends about it!  God bless you and love from, us!!!
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