HEY!!! Whats up Bois and Gurls? This is your host RaverBoi givin Kandie Koated Hugs and Kisses to every1!! This site is gonna be about me, and all work is mine unless listed otherwise, so if its mine, PLZ DONT TAKE IT!!! ESPECIALLY THE SYMBOL BELOW THIS TEXT, without asking permission, cuz its all speskal to me, and you dont want speskal things stold... do you?  Ne who, ill update this site as interesting things happen, or i get new stuff to show, like pics and other fun things!  Hope you enjoy the site!!!
P.S.  I know the site aint done yet, but im workin on it!  Check out that box over there to see what Ive done lately!!!
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05/05/05 10:49pm
Sorry about the major lack of updating.  Had alot goin on, but I finally got cable internet!  Hopefully I can get myself to start updating more.  The "Raving is not a Crime" Icon at the bottom will lead you to my Muni Pics, as well as Pics of other stuff evetnually!  Better Pics of me up on the Me section!.