A Software  & IT Professional   with more than 4/5 years of experience   in   the   computer industry specializing in Software Engineering arena with expertise in the analyze, design, development and testing.  
I have a very strong background in
Linux, C, VB, UML, good expertise in MPI and Parallel development environment, posses good working knowledge of telecommunication management networks such as TMN, Project Control concepts, software and Simulation related issues and software such as TaylorED, MODSIM. Also have a good familiarity with RFC standards.
I'm a self-motivated individual with excellent communication skills, good teamwork skills, and strong commitment to quality and good aptitude to learn quickly. I'm accustomed to a fast-paced environment where deadlines are priority, handling multiple tasks is the norm, and the only thing constant is change.  I thrive on challenge and feel my skills and experience are easily transferable.
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Grid Computing
Ferdowsi University
Iran Telecommunication Research Center
Contact Info:
Name: Roohollah Mafi
Email: r_mafi@itrc.ac.ir
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