Eliezer a Noahide
By Rachav,

One of the Noahides found in the Scriptures is Eliezer, Abraham's servant. Abraham, was still childless and he was concerned that he had no heir. God made a covenant with Abraham and promised him that he would indeed have heirs of his own loins. However, this did not cause any rift with Eliezer his servant, who was a Ger. Eliezer remained faithful to Abraham eventhough he would not be his heir.

Many years later, Eliezer was sent by Abraham to find a wife for the son who had been sent to Abraham and his wife Sarah. Abraham made Eliezer swear to him by an oath that he would not take a wife for Isaac from the daughters of Canaanites. He sent Eliezer to find a wife for Isaac from among his wife Sarah's family.

The story of Eliezer's faithfulness in fulfilling his task is legendary. The reason that Abraham did not want his son to marry a daughter of the Canaanites was because of the idolatry that the Canaanites practiced. "Idolatry is an intellectual perversion, and as such it can be remedied, but a lack of morality, ethics, and modesty affects a person's entire nature, and disqualifies a woman from being the mate of an Isaac."(R' Hirsch, based on Drashos HaRan). Commentary Stones Chumash.

Abraham entrusted Eliezer "with all the bounty of his master, in order to influence his relatives to allow their daughter to marry Isaac, Abraham wrote over all of his fortune to Isaac and gave Eliezer the deed to show to the prospective in-laws." (Rashi). ibid.

Eliezer's criteria in choosing a wife for Isaac was to find someone of modest means, the sort of girl who would draw water for herself, not have servants do it for her (Malbim).So Eliezer prayed and devised a test that he should apply to the girl he would choose, so that he could know that she would be suitable. This was a test of her character.

Eliezer planned to see how the girl would behave when she was away from her home atmosphere, where her family's expectations would not influence her behaviour. Rebekah fulfilled all the criteria that Eliezer had set for a wife suitable for his master's son Isaac. "The Matriarch of Israel had to be a woman of kindness and sensitivity,"which Rebekah demonstrated. (Ran, Chullin 95b). "The test of a mother of the Jewish people had to be kindness, not miracles." ibid.
Eliezer was so confident that God had intervened to show him who he should choose as Isaac's future bride that he gave her some lavish gifts, even before he knew her identity.The gifts which Eliezer gave to Rebekah alluded to the destiny of her future offspring. The two bracelets symbolised the two Tablets of the Torah; their weight of ten shekels symbolized the Ten Commandments (Rashi).

Rebekah was directly related to Abraham and Sarah.

Unfortunately Laban did not share his sister's character. He was a greedy man who was looking to feather his own nest. Eliezer recounted to Rebekah's family how God had led him to their family in his search for a wife for Isaac. According to the commentary in Stones Chumash "The Sages exclaimed: the ordinary conversation of the Patriarchs' servants is more pleasing before God than even the teachings of their children, for Eliezer's full account of his journey is recorded in the Torah, whereas many important halachic principles can be derived only from textual allusions. From Eliezer's subtle changes in recounting the episode, the expositors have perceived both great ethical messages and his own wisdom." ibid.

Eliezer began his account of events by stating what was to him the greatest mark of distinction that a human being could claim: A servant of Abraham am I. Thus he established his credentials as a God fearing man of integrity, for no one could be a disciple of Abraham without being touched by his greatness and high moral caliber. With feeling and enthusiasm, Eliezer went on to tell his hosts about Abraham's miracle-filled life (vs. 35-35), thus summarizing Abraham's life and accomplishment (Da'as Sofrim).ibid.

Her brother and her mother tried to delay the marriage by asking for extra time, a year or ten months, before sending Rebekah to Isaac, but Eliezer refused and insisted that as HaShem had made his journey successful he must go to his master Abraham. Rebekah was asked if she was willing to marry Isaac and she agreed that she was willing to go immediately. They sent Rebekah's nurse Deborah with her. Before sending her away with Eliezer, her family blessed Rebekah and her offspring.

This is one of the finest examples of a righteous Gentile to be found in the Torah, because it shows that Eliezer, whose name means "God is my helper" trusted in God to not only guide him to find a suitable wife for Isaac, but that he demonstrated his own ethical and spiritual nature in the process. This is a Noahide who should serve as an example to all Noahides. Abraham demonstrated that he had complete trust in Eliezer by sending him to find a wife for his son.

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