By Rachav

Today we see something which has not been seen en masse for almost 2000 years. Gentiles are turning to Jewish people, to the teachings of Judaism to find out what their relationship should really be like. Why? Because so many of us have found that there is no satisfaction, no real relationship with G-d, or even with each other in the religions of this world.

What happened? What severed the relationship of the Gentiles with G-d? Sin! The Gentiles stopped worshipping G-d in the manner revealed to Adam and to Noah and they began to worship other gods.

The Prophet Jeremiah says that in the last days, the Gentiles will turn to G-d coming from the ends of the earth to seek Him.

What happens to people who forget G-d? Again Jeremiah says that they begin to practice paganism, to offer vain incense, incense itself is likened to prayer by David, King of Israel. This means that the prayers of the unrighteous, are not even heard by G-d.

The Ancient Paths

The words "ancient paths" are speaking about "paths" "netivot" "תובתנ" paths which have become overgrown and need to be searched for once again. When we find that 'pathway' then we find "eternal life." Those who 'walk' in the pathways of G-d will obey Him. The Paths that the Prophet Jeremiah is directing us to are the paths trodden in the past by Noah and his righteous descendants, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, all of these men were Noahides. Indeed until the children of Israel reached Sinai, they too, although especially chosen by G-d as a nation unto Him, were also B'nai Noach. When they entered into the Covenant the Children of Israel took upon themselves additional laws, besides the laws given to their fathers.

How do we find the "paths" of G-d? G-d gave us a "light" so that we can see our way.

From this we can know that the "word" of G-d, His Torah, His TeNaCh (Bible) will enlighten our steps, as we walk in His paths, step by step.

G-d is the one who decides when and where mankind should worship Him, it is not up to man to establish his own festivals, in which to worship Him. Therefore, when men begin to establish holidays for religious purposes, and those days are not honouring Him, they are separating themselves from G-d. For many thousands of years man has observed pagan holidays and festivals, and worshipped G-d on the wrong days at the wrong time, when He has not made His "Presence" available in a very special way. When they do this they meet instead with other gods, called "Baalim". Thus man began to worship the "sun" "moon" or "stars" in the sky and call them "G-d". They made images and worshipped these, claiming that these images represented G-d, but these images
are in direct contradiction to the commandments of G-d.

G-d gave mankind the times and seasons when we are commanded to meet with Him. Appointments with G-d. These special times were part of the very Creation of the earth on which we live.

In Genesis 1:14-19 The heavenly 'lights' were put into place in the heavens, the sun, moon, and stars, are a giant clock by which the people of the earth may measure our 'time'. Not only the days and the hours, but also 'spiritual time,' so that we may know the times appointed by G-d for us to appear before Him. At all times man may get in touch with G-d, but it is more like using a telephone, so that we can call on him when we wish to do so, in prayer. But G-d has also said that there are times when He desires 'our presence' before Him, collectively, not just individually as prayer may be. Although even many prayers are meant to be 'collective' they do not have to be collective, but are often personal.

These signs separate not only physical darkness and physical light, but they also separate between spiritual darkness and spiritual light - the 'True' Light.

They point us to the "Light" which existed on the first day. Gen. 1:3-5. This primeval Light existed before the physical light was put into place. This primeval "Light" was hidden in the Torah, and will once again be revealed at the end of days.

According to the Midrash, the original light was of an intense spiritual quality and G-d saw that the wicked were unworthy of
enjoying it. Therefore, He separated it from the rest of the universe and set it aside for the use of the righteous in the World to Come. (Rashi). (Parashas Bereishis 1:4-5 Commentary - Stones Chumash).

In Genesis 2:1 we see that the Seventh day Sabbath was introduced, and is what identifies G-d as the Creator of the universe, because it was in six days that He brought the universe into being, and observance of the weekly Sabbath demonstrates testimony to this fact.

Although Gentiles are not permitted to observe the Sabbath in the way that the Jews do, we also have a part in the weekly Sabbath, and when we observe it we connect ourselves to G-d.

According to the Metsudah Kuzari - Translated by Rabbi Avroham Davis - From the Arrangement of Hagaon R' Yechezkel Sarne zt'l,
on page 15 the weekly Sabbath and the number of the days of the week correspond everywhere in the world.

Establishing a Connection

When mankind begins to obey G-d and keep His commandments, and Torah, then they will once again establish a connection to Him. The very word 'mitzvot' itself implies 'connection'.

So how can a Gentile become re-connected to G-d? By keeping His Commandments. According to Rabbinical Judaism, this
may be accomplished by keeping the Seven Laws of Noah. But first there must be repentance on the part of the Gentiles of their rebellion against G-d by keeping the pagan holidays, and worshipping the works of their own hands.

When the children of Israel take up their responsibility again to be a "Light to the Gentiles" then Gentiles will seek to that light.

Notice that this shall all take place even before Israel is gathered back to their land. Apparently according to the Prophet Isaiah, the tribes of Jacob will be restored simultaneously with their becoming a "Light to the Gentiles." Today we see that there are many Rabbis and Jews who have seen that they have a responsibility to teach the Gentiles and to be that Light.

What will those who cause people to worship the LORD be called?

Repairer of the breach, Restorer of the Paths to dwell in.

In the last days once again the sons of Adam, and Noah will seek out the LORD and will go to the Mountain G-d to seek His Laws and will walk in these ancient paths just as their ancestor Noah did.

Once again mankind will observe the "Festivals" given by G-d at Creation.

Those nations which refuse to keep this festival and honour the G-d of Israel will find themselves punished by not receiving any rain until they comply with the commandments of the LORD. Mankind will go up to the Temple (Bais HaMikdash) of the LORD of Hosts and they will worship Him there, and make sacrifices at His Holy House.

Today we are living in the last days, and we await with great Joy and anticipation for the Rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, and the establishment children of Israel in their own land, knowing that when this takes place the whole earth will be filled with the Glory of the LORD.


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