B'nai Noah - Gentiles Turning To G-d

The "Seven Laws of Noah" include
six negative commandments pro-
hibiting idolatry, blasphemy, murder,
theft, sexual immorality, cruelty to
animals and one positive command-
ment to establish courts of justice.

The Noahide Covenant and Seven Noahide
Commandments (see Genesis 9, Christians
should also see Acts 15) are binding on all

Why should Gentiles need to be taught
by Jews?
The Scriptures prophesy that the Gentiles
would go to the Jews and ask to be taught
by them. There are many things found in
the Hebrew Scriptures which cannot be
understood without learning their Jewish
context. Zech. 8:23

Psalm 119:105 . Thy word [is]
a lamp unto my feet, and a
light unto my path.

Today we see something which has not been
seen en masse for almost 2000 years.
Gentiles are turning to Jewish people, to the
teachings of Judaism to find out what their relationship with G-d should really be like.
Why? Because so many of us have found
that there is no satisfaction, no real relation-
ship with G-d, or even with each other in the
religions of this world.

What happened? What severed the relation-
ship of the Gentiles with G-d? Sin! The
Gentiles stopped worshipping G-d in the
manner revealed to Adam and to Noah and
they began to worship other gods.

The Prophet Jeremiah says that in the last
days, the Gentiles will turn to G-d coming
from the ends of the earth to seek Him.

Jeremiah 16:19 The L-rd, my Strength, my Stronghold,
and my Refuge on the day
of distress!

The Ancient Paths

To You nations will come from
the ends of the earth and say,
"It was all falsehood that our ancestors inherited, futility
that has no purpose. 20 Can a
man make gods for himself? -
They [are] not gods!

Jer. 6:16 Thus said The L-rd: Stand
on the roads and see; ask about the
ancient paths of history, which path
is best, and walk on it and find solace
for your soul.

The words "Ancient Paths" are speaking
about "paths" "netivot"
"תובתנ" paths
which have become overgrown and need
to be searched for once again. When we
find that 'pathway' then we find "Eternal
Life." It is said that the "Righteous
Gentile has a place in the World to Come."

Those who 'walk' in the pathways of G-d
will obey Him. The Paths to which the
Prophet Jeremiah is directing us, are the
paths trodden in the past by Noah and his righteous descendants, Abraham, Isaac
and Jacob.

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