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The Ancient Paths

When they entered into the Covenant at
Sinai the Children of Israel took upon
themselves additional laws, besides the
laws given to their fathers. From this we
can know that the "word" of G-d, His
Torah, His TeNaCh (Bible) will enlighten
our steps, as we walk in His paths, step
by step.
(The word Noah is sometimes spelled
Noach or No'ach the (ch) pronounced as
in 'loch'.) G-d is the one who decides when,
and where and how mankind should worship
Him. It is not up to man to establish his
own festivals, in which to worship G-d
nor create his own religion. Therefore,
when men began to establish holidays for
religious purposes, and invent their own
religious rites, and worshipped other gods,
they separated themselves from G-d.

Commandments = Connection

How can a Gentile become re-connected to
G-d? By keeping His Commandments!
According to Rabbinical Judaism, this may
be accomplished by keeping the Seven Laws
of Noah. But first there must be repentance
on the part of the Gentiles of their rebellion
against G-d by keeping the pagan holidays,
and worshipping the works of their own
hands. To accomplish this the Gentile must
go to the Jews and learn from the Rabbis
about the seven Noachide Laws.

The Seven

A Light to the Nations

Isaiah 49:6.

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