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101 Best Places for a Quickie

In your mother-in-law's bedroom.
In a cemetery at night.
In a canoe, under the stars.
In a hammock.
On or under the dining room table.
In the sleaziest motel in town.
In the men's room of a Chinese restaurant.
In a back alley downtown.
In a movie theater or a drive-in.
The dressing room at a lingerie store.
The bathroom of a gas station.
Getting fellated under a table with a long tablecloth.
In a school bus (after hours, please!).
On a deserted nature trail.
In an airplane bathroom.
In the backyard when it's raining or snowing.
Over the pool table.
At the local lovers' lane.
In the parking lot of your local government building.
In the back bookshelves of the library.
Under the bleachers at a football game.
After hours at work.
After hours at work, on your boss's desk.
In the foyer, first thing coming home.
In the back seat of your car.
In a gazebo.
In an empty stadium.
In the back of a Ford pickup.
In the bathroom sink.
In a bathtub full of Jell-o.
In the broom closet of any public building.
In a storm cellar.
In one of the private rooms at a tanning salon.
On the fire escape.
In a private box at the opera.
In the coat closet at any boring of fice party.
On horseback.
Getting a handjob under a trenchcoat on the bus.
In a deserted swimming pool.
Under a deserted pier at the beach.
In the port-o-potty at an outdoor concert.
On a porch swing.
In the locker room after the game.
In the parking lot of your local police precinct.
In a small impromptu ice cave.
The bathroom of a fast food restaurant, mall, or bowling alley.
On the roof, under the stars.
Inside a parade float.
In your neighbor's tool shed.
One hundred miles out in the middle of nowhere.
In a horse-drawn carriage.
Outside in the mud.
Backstage. Anywhere.
On stage (without an audience).
In an elevator, between floors.
On a swing set.
In the back seat of a taxicab or a limousine.
On the lid of a grand piano.
In an inner tube going downriver.
In the laundry room of an apartment building.
In a store front window after hours.
On any piece of city construction equipment.
On the stairs.
On a Ferris wheel.
In a pair of gravity boots.
Straddling an OB/GYN table, a dentist's chair, or a weight bench.
Between two parked cars on a car lot.
In a pup tent in your living room.
On a rubber sheet with a bottle of baby oil poured over you.
In a deserted part of the reptile house at the zoo.
In a coffin or a hearse.
In a hay loft.
In a hot air balloon.
In a baby's playpen.
Beneath the golden arches, after hours.
On a secured ladder.
While wearing the same huge pair of pants or overalls.
In a hospital bed.
Stuffed in a closet with a hundred balloons.
On the diving board of your neighbor's swimming pool.
Anywhere at your old high school.
In a treehouse.
Any enclosed bus stop.
Underneath her enormous hoopskirts at a Halloween party.
While rolling down a hill together slowly.
In a bathtub full of grapes, peeled or otherwise.
In a phone booth.
On abandoned railroad tracks.
In the stairwell of an apartment building.
On a balcony with a dozen wind chimes.
In somebody else's Winnebago.
In a Think Tank--a sensory deprivation tank filled with saline.
On top of a bar after hours.
In a Jacuzzi--especially when it's thirty below outside.
In the trunk of a Cadillac (lid open!).
In the show room of a neon art gallery.
On a ski lift.
In a penthouse with a panoramic view of the city.
While snorkeling underwater.
In the sleigh that takes you through the haunted house ride.
In the footwells of the back seat of your car...while parked in front of the 7-Eleven.

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