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  Problem Solver     These pages are brief guides to dealing with plant problems. The first page is on controlling weeds.

  California Garden Calendar     The calendar tells what to do in the garden and what looks good each month of the year. I expand the calendar every month, so check back to see what has been added.

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  Plants for California Landscapes     This is an indexed database of plants commonly used in California landscapes. Most of the listings include a photo.

      Best Shrubs for California
      Broadleaf Shrubs
      Coniferous Shrubs
      Favorite Roses
      Bedding Plants   Lots of photos!

  Best Tips for New Landscapes     Get it right the first time! Tips for landscapes that make it easy to maintain over the years.

  California Gardening Links     Some of the best WWW sites for California gardeners. Suggestions for additions are welcome. Only the best, please!

  California Gardening Forum     Do you have questions about gardening in California? Post your questions on this forum for other California gardeners to answer!

  Allexperts Gardening    Gardening Questions? Expert gardeners answer all your one-on-one gardening questions for free! Not limited to California.

Garden Page Award   Thanks to Northern Gardening for awarding this site a Best of Geocities Gardening Award. This page contains links to many other Geocities gardening pages. Some of the pages originate in California. Others contain information of interest to California gardeners.

  Headless Tao     Jim's Interpretation of the Tao Te Ching

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