The Alvis/Alwis Family

Of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

The Following information has been taken from the D.B.U. Journal, Vol. XL11, Jan 1952, No. 1, pages 33-40. As this is "secondary source" information it should be verified with primary source information, as mistakes and errors have been found. If you have differing information from Birth, Death and Marriage registers or documents, please forward this information on, so corrections can be made, for the benefit of everyone who visits this site. You can either email me, or leave a message in the guest book. Cheryl Beattie.

Jeronimus Alvis, Boekhounder in the service of The Dutch East India Company of Ceylon, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 26th November 1769, Leonora Maria PAULUSZ, daughter of Lodewyk Paulusz and Sara Maria FRANSZ . Leonora was baptised on the 30th of July 1741.

About Jeronimus Alvis. He was admitted into the Dutch Civil Service in 1763 as "Soldaat de Den" on a salary of 9 guilders. He was promoted Junior Assistant on the 18th May 1768, on a salary of 9 guilders. He was considered as being in excess of the staff on 30th November 1772, but was re-admitted on 1st march 1775. On the 26th October 1781, he was promoted "Absolute Assistant" on a salary of 24 guilders. This appointment was signed by Governor Iman Willem Falck, and is on record in the Government Archives. In 1786 Jeronimus Alvis/Alwis was promoted to the post of "Boekhonder" on a salary of 30 guilders. Ten years later, the Dutch rule ended in Ceylon, and Jeronimus spent his remaining years in retirement. The book of appointments of the Company's service gives a list of his services under No. D 842.

Gen 1. The only recorded child I have so far is Bernhardus Alvis, baptised on the 8th of September 1776, married in The Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, Ceylon, 18th of May, 1800, Libertina Maria Landsberger ( born 1776, died 6th June 1858 ). He was Chief Clerk of the Office Of The Commissioner of Revenue.

Gen 2. Their children were;

1. Hendrick Liebert Alvis. Bap. 13th June 1802.

2. Maria Bernarda Alvis. Bap. 7th July 1805.

3. Jeronimus Lamburtus Alvis. Bap. 31st August 1806. Married Antonetta Merciana RAFFEL.

4. Piternella Wilhelmina Alvis. Born 20th December 1807. Died 16th March 1874. She married George Alexander PASSE, on the 3rd of May 1841 at The Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal.

5. Sophia Magdalena Alvis, born 19th November 1809. Married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal; (a) Josephus Christoffel Weinman. (b) 10th Jan. 1829, Pieter Adriaan LOOS (1791-?) Widower of Sophia Cornelia FARES, and son of Johannes Jacobus LOOS and Catherina FERNANDO. Pieter was the Registrar of the Supreme Court.

Note: The D.B.U. Journal Vol. XL11, January 1952, No1, gives the date of the first marriage as 1818, that would have made Sophia 11 years old at the time, so is highly unlikely to be correct,

6. Maria Charlotta Alvis born 28th Aug. 1812, died 22nd of October 1864. married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, on the 7th July 1834, Johan Christiaan RAFFEL. (?- 1865). Son of Christiaan Jacob Raffel and Engeltina Susanna GILLER. Johan Raffel was Maria's brother- in law.

7. Johan (John) Gerard Alvis born 24th December 1815. Married (1) Johanna Frederika Loos. (2) Ersina Petronella Dickman,

8. Sophia Henrietta Alvis born 28th June 1817.


Hendrick Liebert Alvis, bap. 13th June 1802, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 24th January 1825, Adriana Dulcina LOURENSZ. (1806-1853). Daughter of Johannes Henricus Lourensz and Martha Elizabeth JENKE.

Gen 3 Their children were;

1. Bernard Edwin Alvis born 31st December 1827, died 30th May. 1895. Married Georgina OORLOFF

2. Francis Daniel Alvis born 3rd April 1829, died 7th February 1896. married (a) Louisa Emarencia de RUN in 1855, and in 1861 married (b) Josephine Elizabeth DANIEL.

3. John William Alvis born 30th May 1831, died 18th January 1863. Married Maria Josephine de JONG.

4. Ellen Charlotte Alvis born 1st April 1833, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 28th May 1855, John Richard THOMASZ.

5. Henry Emelian Alvis born 13th April 1835

6. George Morgan Alvis born 28th April 1837, died 11th May 1867. Married in 1864 Joseline Sophia RAFFEL

7. Susan Wilhelmina Alvis born 24th January 1839

Bernard Edwin Alvis (1827-1895) Married Georgina Oorloff, born 29th March 1842, died 10th September 1886.

Gen 4 Their children were;

1. Edwin Alvis born May 12th 1875, died 4th January 1888

2. Mildred Mary Alvis born 20th Dec. 1876, married at Colombo, on the 13th January 1908, Reginald Herbert Guy KEEGAL. Born 15th March 1887, son of Henry Arnold Keegal, L.F.P.S. (Glas.) Assistant Colonial Surgeon, Ceylon Medical Dept. and Charlotte Matilda BALL.

3. Allan Liebert Alvis born 15th October 1885, married in 1911 Irene Ruth de SILVA

Allan Liebert Alvis born 1885, married in the Methodist Church, Kollupitiya, on the 8th July 1911, Irene Ruth de Silva, born 19th June 1894, daughter of John Samuel de Silva and Clara Elizabeth LOCKHART.

Gen 5 Their children were;

1. Iris Georgiano Blanch Alvis, born 14th February 1913, married Maxwell Herbert Fernando

2. Phyllis Daphne Alvis, born 6th May 1914, married Lionel George INGELTON

3. Arthur Edward Alvis, born 10th February 1922

4. Allan Alvis, born 12th October 1926

Information on the ALVIS family has been copied from the Journal Of The Dutch Burgher Union. Vol. XL11 No.1 Jan. 1952 pages 33-40.

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