Johan Gerard Alvis

John Gerard Alvis, born 1815 married in The Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal (1) on the 21st November 1839, Johanna Frederica LOOS, born 28th April 1816. daughter of Pieter Adriaan Loos and Sophia Cornelia FARES. (2) On the 20th may 1847 he married Ersina Petronella Dickman (1824-1907). Widow of Peter Cornelius Raffa and daughter of Magnus Fredrik Willem Dickman, Chief Clerk of the Customs Department and Johanna Gerhardina Justine Mack.

Children of the first marriage were;

Gen 2.

1. Bernhard Adriaan Alvis, born 22nd September 1840, married Caroline Rosamond SIEGERTSZ.

2. Edward William Alvis, born 19th January 1842.

3. Jane Frederica Alvis, born 6th July 1843.

Children of the second marriage were;

4. Jane Maria Alvis, born 17th February 1848, died 22nd December 1875. Married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 21st December 1872, Charles Morgan Thomasz, born 1836, widower of Eugenia Lucetia Raffel.

Bernhard Adriaan Alvis born 22nd September 1840, married in the Dutch Reformed Church Wolvendaal, 22nd January 1862, Caroline Rosamond SIEGERTSZ, born 29th August 1842. Daughter of Cornelius Adrianus Siegertsz and Johanna Apolonia VAN HUYZEN.

Gen 3. Their children were;

1. Henry Lloyd Alvis, born 22nd December 1862

2. Edwin Denis Alvis, born 3rd April 1864

3. Clara Jane Alvis, born 10th January 1866

4. Arnold Trant Alvis, born 2nd November 1868

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