Catherine Lalor daughter of James Lalor and Johanna Creagh, born at Kileahaw, Queens County, Ireland, 1855 died 17th Aug.1942 at Epping Victoria Australia. Married 11th June 1878 at St.Pauls Church, Coburg, Vic. Australia, Stephen BRAZIL born 1854 at Kings County, Ireland, died 26 Oct 1937 at Epping Vic. Australia.

The children of Catherine and Stephen were:

1. Mary Bridgit Brazil born at Epping, Vic. 1879 died 1960 married 1900 at Epping, Vic. August Edwin Frederick ANDREWS.

2. James Patrick Brazilborn 1880 at Epping, Vic. died 20 Jan 1948 at Epping, Vic. married 1922 Agnes KENNEDY, born 1889 and died 1991.

3. Catherine Brazil born 1882 at Epping,Vic. died 1883 at Epping, Victoria.

4. John Stephen Brazil born 1884 at Epping Vic. died 25 May 1925 at epping Vic. married 1909 Amelia Mary HANUSKE.

5. Margaret Elizabeth Brazil born 1887 at Epping Vic. died 17th Feb 1955 married 1925 William James HANUSKE born 1855 died 1969, son of Wiliam James Hanuske and Ellen WELSH. Possibly the brother of the above Amelia Mary Hanuske as records show he had sister Amelia LOUISE Hanuske.

6. Stephen Brazil born 1879 died 1951.

7. Michael Brazil born 1891 died 1970 married Maud Hanuske.

8. Johanna (Hannah) Brazil born 1893 died 1979. Married Ralph HARPER born 1892 and died 1976.

9. William Brazil born 1899 died 1982 married Veronica Crumper.

10. Francis (Frank) Edward Brazil born 1898 died 1951 married Violet Ludlow.

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