Family of William Thomas Dagnell

Gen. 1 William Dagnell, Occupation: Bootmaker.(3)

Gen. 2 William Thomas Dagnell born in England 1844, son of the above William. Occupation: At the time of his daughter Charlotte's marriage he was a Master Butcher(2). He married Charlotte Matilda COOPER, Dec. 20th 1863 at St. Mary's Church Portsea, Hampshire, England. Charlotte Matilda Cooper, born about 1844, Isle Of Wight, Hampshire, England(1), and died some time after 1869, but before 1873. William appears on the 1881 census, (name spelt Dagnall) living with the children by his second marriage and his third wife. They lived above his butcher shop at 57 High Street, Ryde, Isle Of Wight, Hampshire, England(4). Before this, William lived for a time at 19 Prince St. Ryde.

The children of his first marriage (Charlotte Matilda Cooper) were living with their grandmother, Mary A. Cooper(1), and uncle, Richard Cooper, at 63 North Town Street, Portsea Island(1). This is the same address that William's eldest daughter, Charlotte gave as her address at the time of her marriage.

Children of WilliamDagnell and Charlotte Matilda Cooper: (1st marriage)

Gen. 3 1. Charlotte Christine Dagnell, born 1863 Portsmouth, England(1)(2). Her Occupation according to the 1881 Census was a Staymaker(1). Charlotte married William Alfred Burns Sep. 10th 1884 at the Registry Office at Portsea Island, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England(2). Her sister, Mary Ann was one of the witnesses(2).

2. Mary Ann Dagnell born 1867, Portsmouth, England(1). Occupation: Staymaker(1).

3. Sarah Dagnell born 1869, Portsmouth, England(1).

William Thomas Dagnell married Elizabeth BENNETT on the 3rd of Nov. 1873, at the Parish Church, Carisbrooke, Isle Of Wight(3). Elizabeth had two children before her marriage to William They were: Emily Bennett, born 1871(4), and William Henry Bennett born Newport, Isle of Wight, 1873(4). Baptised at St. Michaels Church Ryde, on the 26th Jul. 1874, with his step brother Edwin Charles(6). On the 1881 Census the children of Elizabeth had taken the name of Dagnell/Dagnall(4). Sometime between 1875 and 1877 the family moved from 19 Prince St, Ryde to live above William's Butcher shop at 57 High St. Ryde, Isle Of Wight.

Children of William Thomas Dagnell and Elizabeth Bennett: (2nd Marriage)

1. Edwin Charles Dagnell, born Isle Of Wight, about 1874(4). Edwin was Baptised At St. Michaels Church, Ryde, on the 26th Jul. 1874(6).

2. Charles Dagnell, born 1875 (4)

3. Frederick Thomas Dagnell, born Isle of Wight, abt. 1877(4). Baptised at St. Michaels Church, Ryde, 15th April 1877(6).

About Elizabeth Bennett. Elizabeth was born in 1851(3). Daughter of Charles Bennett, Labourer(3). She died at Ryde, Isle of Wight on the 30th Dec. 1878, (aged 28). She was buried at Mount Joy Municapal Cemetery, Carisbrooke, Isle Of Wight, on the 5th of Jan. 1879, in "Common Grave Consecrated, Plot No. B 377". The cost of the burial was 12 shillings(5).

After Elizabeth died William married for a third time, about 1879, Ellen unknown(4)(7).

Children of William Thomas Dagnell and Ellen:

1. Frank Bertram Dagnell born 1880, Ryde, Isle Of Wight (4).

2. Arthur Percy Dagnell born early 1881(7) Baptised at St. Michaels Church, Ryde on the 20th March 1881. He is not on the 1881 census, so must have died in infancy, before the census was taken.

In total, William Thomas Dagnell had eight children and two step children.

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