The Daniels Family

The Daniels/Danielsz Family

Of Sri Lanka ( Ceylon)


The following information has for the most part been taken from the D.B.U.Journal, Vol. XXXV11, No.2, Oct. 1947, pages 62- 65. As this is a "secondary source" verification needs to be made against "primary source" documents, as errors and mistakes have been found in the D.B.U. Journals. If anyone has Birth, Death or Marriage documents with differing or additional information it would be appreciated by all who visit this site if it could be included here. For corrections and updates please email me or leave a message in the Guestbook. Cheryl Beattie

1. Jan Danielsz of Amsterdam (born abt 1660) married Alexandra Ellinor FLETCHER.

Their children were :

1. Helena Magdelina Danielsz, married about 1702, Jan PRIGGE, baptised 1675, widower and son of Pieter Prigge and Francina MENDES. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. 1X, page 127)

2. Johan Jacob Danielsz.

2. Johan Jacob Danielsz, married abt 1707, Maria Arnoldina de VISSIER, daughter of Jan Michael de Visier of Utrecht, and Maria Ludwig Von BERGHEIM.

Their children were :

Generation 2

1. Dominicus Danielsz born abt 1708,

2. Jan Danielsz, born abt 1712.

3.Andries Danielsz

4. Daniel Danielsz. Joined the Dutch East India Company's service in 1768.

3. Andries Danielsz, married, 1743, Maria Valentina KERFBYL (1726-1803). Maria was the daughter of Nicholas Kerfbyl of Amsterdam, and Amerintia Juiriaansz de NECK. ( D.B.U. Journal, Vol. 21)

Their Children were :

Generation 3

1. Johan Danielsz, who married (a) Anna Elizabeth GROENENBERG. (b) Susanna Sigisberta SCHOORMAN, in 1879, at the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal. Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

2. Jacob Jeronimus Daniels.

4. Jacob Jeronimus Daniels, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 1789, Leonora GONSAL. The following generations were all born in Sri Lanka ( Ceylon)

Their children were :

Generation 4

1. Petrus Arnoldus Daniels (1790-1832)

2. David Daniels ( 1790-?). Married 1812, Maria DIAS.

3. Julianus Lodewyk Daniels (1795-?) married, 1819, Barbara Wilhelmina PERERA.


5. Petrus Arnoldus Danielsz/Daniels born 5th November 1790, died 27th November 1832. Married Alida APPELBOOM on the 21st October 1810, in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal. Alida was the daughter of Johannes Julius Appelboom and Johanna Petronella WILCCHECT.

Their children were:

Generation 5

1. Frederika Arnoldina Daniels (1812-?) married John Daniel SCHOEKRAFT.

2. Johanna Agnita Daniels (1815-?) married 1829, Johannes Reynoldus T. FERDINAND (1805-?). Johannes was the son of Hendrick Augustinus Ferdinand and Clara Petronella HESSE. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. XXV, page 75)

3. Wilhelmina Daniels (1816-1894) married (a) George Bernard VANDERPUT, (1810-1854). (b) in 1856, Jacobus Valentinus VANDERSPAR (1812-1882)

4. Juliana Daniels born 11th September 1817 died 21st September 1817.

5. Jacobus Valentinus Daniels (James Valentine) (1822-1892) married 1853, Arnoldina Carolina CARRON.

6. Cornelius Felsanius Daniels (1827- 1886) Married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 1850, Ellen Barbara LANDSBERGER.

7. Gustavus Adolphus Daniels (1823-1827)

8. Elizabeth Cecilia Daniels (1827-1865) married Joseph Alexander Van LANGENBERG.

9. Zenophon Stephen Daniels (1829-?) married Victoria Jane JANSEN.

10. Marguerita Catherine Daniels (1831-1834)



6. The children of Cornielus Felsianus (Charles Francis) Daniels and Ellen Barbara Landsberger were :

Generation 6

1. Adelaide Sarah Daniels (1852-1915) Married George Andrew JANSEN.

2. William Oliver Daniels (1853- ?1917)

3. Francis Clement Daniels(1855-?). Married in 1879, Ursula Matilda GODLEIB.

4. Maryann Daniels born 1859 died 1859

5. Edward Benjamin Daniels (1858-1935)

6. Amanda Caroline Daniels (1866-1933). Married in 1886, Edward Charles JOBSZ.


7. William Oliver Daniels married in 1880, Emily Henrietta MISSO (1854-1928)

Their children were:

Generation 7

1. Adelaide Ellen Daniels (1881-?)

2. Juliet Maria Daniels (1882-?)

3. Amelia Muriel Daniels (1884-?)

4. Victor Leo Daniels (1887-?)

5. Erin Sophia Daniels (1899)


8. Amelia Muriel Daniels (1884-?) married in 1911 at St Anns Roman Catholic Church, Kurunugelle. Aelian Lisle VAN DORT, born 2 March 1881 and died 3 May 1944.

Their Children were:

Generation 8

1. Aeilian Carlyle Van Dort born 28 March 1912. Married Isabel Noeline Helena RODRIGO.

2. Emile Cyril St. George Van Dort, born 28 March 1912 and died 23 July 1912.

3. Hubert Leslie Van Dort

4. Emanual Clarence Noel Van Dort

5. Mervyn Oliver Richard Van Dort

6. Ivor Vernon Ellis Van Dort

7. Muriel Therese Dagmar Van Dort.



sources : The Journal Of The Dutch Burgher Union. Vol. XXXV11, No.1, pages 48-56.

The information on the Van Dort children was taken from the genealogy of Mascha Van Dort who quotes the source as DBU Journal, Vol. XXV111, page 53.

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