Bartholdus Cornelius de Niese

Bartholudus Cornelius de Niese, son of Abraham Lodewyk de Niese and Magdalena Maartensz, was born in 1804, he married Anna Juliana KERKENBERG at the residence of the Reverend Joseph Knight at Nellore, 12th July 1824, ( by Govenors liscence No. 487, dated the 25th May 1824) .

Gen.2. Their Children:

1. Maria Jane de Niese, born 8th December 1826, married at Jaffna (Ceylon) 7th February 1849, John George KOCH, son of Cyrus Godfried Koch and Jacomina Bernadina TOUISSANT. (D.B.U.Journal, Vol 1V, page 35 and Vol 129 and 130)

2. William Henry de Niese, born 13th December 1828.

3. John Edward de Niese, born 10th August 1830.

4. Charles Frederick de Niese, born 16th April 1832.

5. James Patrick, born 25th April 1834.

6. Henry Robert de Niese, born 2nd May 1836.

7. Joseph (? Josephina) Charlotta de Niese, born 16th September, 1839.

8. Elisabeth Anne de Niese, born 20th June 1842, died 2nd September 1906. Married in the Methodist Church, Pettah, Colombo, 20th May 1876, George Martin CROZIER. He was born 29th March 1851 and died 31st July 1923. Son of John Crozier, of Enniskillen, County Fermangh in Ulster, Ireland and Xavinia Bastiansz. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. XXXV11, page 25)

9. Frances Catherine de Niese, born 28th May 1845, married in St Johns Church, Chundikuli, (Ceylon) on the 24th May 1865, Peter Frederick TOUISSANT and Susanna Elizabeth KOCH. (D.B.U. Journal, vol. 1V, page 35 and Vol. X page 129)

10. Thomas Alexander de Niese, born 1st December 1848.


Thomas Alexander de Niese, was born 1st December 1848. He married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, Colombo (Ceylon) Sri Lanka on the 31st March 1879, Margaret Henrietta MORTIER.

Gen. 3. Their Children:

1. Genista Charlotta Cameron de Niese, born 13th June 1879, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 17th May 1899, Samuel Godfried Koch, born 23rd October 1862, son of James Francis Koch and Elizabeth Koch. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. X, pages 129, 131 and 135).

2. James Patrick Lawson Wace de Niese, born 14th June 1881.

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