Descendants of Charles Edward de Niese

Charles Edward de Niese, born 21st July 1829, married in Christ Church, Jaffna Ceylon (Sri Lanka) on the 13th February 1851 Elisabeth Vander Hoven.

Their Children were twin boys:

1. Peter de Niese, born 15th August 1855.

2. James de Niese, born 15th August 1855, died 17th December 1934.

Peter de Niese born 1855, married Sarah KLEYN.

Their children:

1. Cammil de Niese

2. Ella de Niese

3. Patrick de Niese. Died in Australia in 1954. Married Vita RODRIGO. Seven Children from this marriage.

James de Niese (brother of Peter) 1855- 1934, married at St Mary's Cathedral, Jaffna, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), on the 27th October 1879, Dorothea Elizabeth MARTYN. Daughter of Paul Martyn and Angelina ALTENDORFF.

Their children were:

1. Angelina de Niese. (1880-1928)

2. Charles Ignatius de Niese, born 31st July 1883.

3. George Henry de Niese, born 15th September 1884.

4. James Dunstan de Niese, born 16th July 1886, died 31st August 1944.

5. Joseph Hyacinth de Niese ( male child with unusual middle name, normaly given to females), born 17th April 1888.

6. Dorothy Florence de Niese, born 19th August 1889. Married in St. Anthony's Cathedral, Kandy on the 7th of November 1914, Victor Ernest Augustus POULIER, born 3rd May 1884, son of William Albert Poulier and Cornelia Augusta Sophia MEYNERT. (D.B.U. Journal Vol. XX1V, pages 26 and 27, and Vol. XX1V11, page 159).

7. Lawrence de Niese, born 1891 died in infancy.

8. Elsie Margaret de Niese, born 31st January 1894, married at Galkissa on the 17th November 1916, Francis Oliver HOPMAN, born 20th July 1887, son of Richard Hopman.

9. Priscilla Gereldine de Niese, born 17th November 1893, married Arthur Griswald Charles, at Jaffna.

10. William Croften de Niese, born 22nd March 1896. Married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, Colombo, on the 15th December 1932, Florence Merlyn de WITT, born 19th January 1908. Daughter of Cecil Alexander de Witt and Florence Evangeline THURING.

11. Norah de Niese, born 1898, died young.

12. Mary Florence de Niese, born 14th July 1900, married at Jaffna, George MARTYN.

13. Petronella Cecilia de Niese, born 27th May 1906, married at Jaffna, George MACK.

Charles Ignatious de Niese,

born 31st July 1883, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Maligakande, Colombo, on the 27th June 1913, Irene Maude MACK. Daughter of William Alfred Mack and Clarice Agnes JANSZ. ( D.B.U. Journal, Vol. XXXV111, page 140).

Their children:

1. Rex Clarence de Niese, born 14th November 1914. Married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya, on the 26th April 1941, Wilhelmina Merle METZELING, born 12th of June 1908. Daughter of Arthur William Metzeling, (Ceylon Civil Service) and Agnes Jane MARTENSTYN. Issue from this marriage. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. XL1, page 119).

2. Roy James de Niese, born 15th July 1915. Married 23rd February 1946, Clarice Veda BROHIER, born 14th January 1919. Daughter of Clarence Augustus Vivian Brohier and Veda Erian Brohier. ( D.B.U. Journal Vol. XXX1, page 207). Issue from this marriage.

3. Frank Clement de Niese, born 23rd November 1917, married Patricia KIRKTON. Issue from this marriage.

4. Carl Mervyn de Niese, born 4th June 1919, married in St. Mary's Church, Bambalayitiya, on the 2nd January 1957, Charmain Rita Marlene HINGERT, daughter of Leslie Lionel Hingert and Lorna Mabel de RUN

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