Michael Lalor\ Lawler

Michael Lalor, born at Errill, Queens County, Ireland abt 1836 died at Tungamah, Victoria, Australia 17th March 1918. Married (1) 12th Feb. St. Pauls Pentridge, Victoria, Australia, Johanna FOGGARTY born 1834 County Tipperary, Ireland. Died 16th April 1872 at Epping Victoria, Australia. (2) Married on the 24 th Feb. 1873 at Woodstock, Victoria, Australia, Marion STEWART born 1st Aug. 1854 at Vic. Australia, died 13 Aug. 1934 at Tatura, Victoria. Australia.

The children of the first marriage were:

1. Johanna Lalor/ Lawler born 1862 at Woolert Victoria, Australia. Died 9 Oct. 1947. Married 29th June 1908 at Youannite, Victoria. Australia, Michael CARRAN/Keran?.

2. James Lalor/ Lawler born 1864 at Woodstock, Victoria. Australia. Died 19th Oct. 1900 at Dookie, Vic. Australia.

3. Patrick Lalor/Lawler born 1865 died 1875 at Woolert, Victoria. Australia.

4. Phillip Lalor/Lawler born 1866 died 1866 at Woolert, Victoria. Australia.

5. Margaret Lalor/Lawler born 9th Oct. 1867 died 6th Feb. 1947 at New South Wales, Australia. Married 25th June 1890 at Devenish, Edward KING.

6. John Lalor / Lawler born 1870 died 1872 at Woolert, Victoria. Australia.

7. Bridgit Lalor/Lawler born 1871 died 5th July 1872

Children of the 2nd marriage to Marrion Stewart were:

8. Michael Colin Lalor born 1873 died 21 Feb. 1957 at Ivanhoe, Victoria, Australia. Married 18th Aug. 1917 at Northcote, Victoria. Theresa MORONEY.

9. William Lalor born 1st March 1875 at Epping Victoria. died 31 Jan. 1946. Married 31st Jan. 1900 Catherine MURPHY.

10. Catherine ( Kit ) Lalor born 18th Feb. 1877 at Waggarandall, Victoria. died 30th Sep. 1942 Melbourne, Victoria. Married 12 Nov. 1906 at Dookie, Victoria. Michael TRAINOR born 20th April 1875 at Broken Creek, Victoria, died 14th Oct. 1944.

11. Mary Lalor born 27th Feb. 1897 died 17th Dec. 1967 at Sheperton, Victoria, Australia. Married 27th July 1910 at Dookie, Victoria. Michael O'CONNOR.

12. Colin Lalor born at Dookie, Victoria. 1881 and died the same year.

13. Ellen Lalor born 9th Mar. 1882 died 20th Jul. 1965 at Cootumundra, New South Wales, Australia. Married Martin RYAN on the 15th Feb. 1905 at Dookie, Victoria, Australia.

14. Ann Bridgit (Annie) Lalor born 28 Dec. 1884, died 14th June 1970 at Essendon, Melbourne, Victoria. married 15th Feb. 1905 at Dookie with her sister (double wedding) John McPORTLAND.

15. John Edward Lalor born 5th Feb. 1887 died 12th July 1961 at Box Hill Victoria. married 11th Sep. 1917 at Dookie, Victoria. Mary TRACEY

16. Patrick Lalor born 29th Mar. 1889 at St. James Victoria. died 13th Jul. 1948. Married, 11th Sep. 1917 Susannah MOYLAN.

17. Francis Lalor born 16th June 1891 at Waggarandall, Victoria. Died 15th May 1960 at Wangaratta, Victoria. Married 15th Jul. 1925 at Dookie, Victoria. Mary MONTGOMERY

18. Martin Lalor born 1st March 1894 at Waggarandall Vic. Died 3 Oct. 1949 at Camberwell, Victoria. Married 29th Sep. 1925 Enid MURRAY.

19. Nora Lalor born March 1898, at St. James Victoria. died 9 May 1987 at Mooroopna. Married 10th Jan. 1924 at Essendon, Melbourne, Victoria. Thomas QUINN.

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