Maartensz Family cont.


John George Maartensz, married Catherine KOCH, born 2nd March 1844, daughter of Louis Henry Koch and Louisa Maria BRECHMAN. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. X, pages 128 and 129). He had by her;-

1. Catherine Clarice Maartensz, born 16th Apr. 1877


Alexander Godleib Maartensz, Assistant Colonial Surgeon, Civil Medical Department, born 27th Nov. 1830, died 30th Nov. 1902. He Married;-

(a) In the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, 30th Jul. 1862, Johannah Henrietta WENDT, born 22nd Mar. 1838, died 29th Jul. 1879, daughter of Johan Frederick Wendt and Ninette Elisabeth KRIEKENBEEK. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. V, pages 65 and 70)

(b) In St. Stephen's Church, Trincomalee, 15th Jun. 1881, Emmeline Agnes BUTTERY, born 26th Sep. 1860, died 5th Nov. 1896, daughter of William Henry Buttery and Caroline Sophia ROELOFSZ.

Of the first marriage he had;-

1. Eliza Alexandra Maartensz, born 15th Jul. 1863, she married;- (a) In St. Stephen's Church, Trincomalee, 27th Feb. 1879, Francis Adolphus SPELDEWINDE, born 31st Mar. 1849, died 20th May 1887, son of Simon John Speldewinde and Frances Ann RIBERG. (b) In St. Andrew's Church, Batticaloa, 28th Apr. 1897, Edwin de LIVERA, MBCM., (Glas) Provincial Surgeon, Civil Medical Department, born 25th May 1849.

2. Alexander Godleib Maartensz, born 1864, follows under XII.

3. Isabella Louisa Maartensz, was born 14th Aug. 1866. She married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, on the 18th Sep. 1889, Ernest Henley Joseph, V.D., Lieutenant Colonel Commanding the Ceylon Garrison Artillery, Secretary of the Municipal Council, Colombo, born 16th Jun. 1868, died 13th Apr. 1941, son of Abraham Orlando Joseph, Proctor and Notary Public and Louisa Elisabeth Van Langenberg, (D.B.U. JOURNAL, Vol. XII, page 27). More to follow in next generation XVIII.

4. Mary Frances Ninetta, born 22 Jun. 1868, married in St. Stephen's Church, Trincomalee, 13th Oct. 1890, Reginald Cecil BUTTERY, born 21st Oct. 1868, son of William Henry Buttery and Caroline Sophia ROELOFSZ.

5. Jane Anna Maartensz, born 8th Jun. 1871, married at Kuala Lumpur, Malaya (Malayasia), Spencer COLOMB.

6. Clara Angelina Maartensz, born 8th Jun. 1873, married 13th Oct. 1890, Theodore CALDERA.

7. Lewis Mathew Maartensz, born 1876, follows under XIII.

Of the second marriage he had:-

8. Agnes Beatrice Maartensz, born 7th Mar. 1882, married in St. Stephen's Church, Trincomalee, 10th Dec. 1903, Arthur Justin DANIEL, Government Surveyor, born 8th Oct. 1869, died 11th Mar. 1942, son of Peter Daniel, Proctor, and Jane Barbara Florence CHRISTOFFELSZ. (DBU. Journal, Vol. XXIV, page 15).

9. Florence Eugenie Maartensz, born 22nd Feb. 1885, died 8th Sep. 1885.

10. Henry Hartsz Maartensz, born 1885, who follows under XIV.

11. Cecil Anthony Maartensz, born 1890, who follows under XV.

12 Wilhelm Karl Maartensz, born 1893, who follows under XVI.

13. John George Maartensz, born 1895, who follows under XVII.


Alexander Godlieb Maartensz, born 2nd Jun. 1864, died 21st Jul. 1935, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, Colombo, 26th Jan. 1905, Edith Isabel PEREIRA, born 9th Oct. 1874, daughter of James Alexander Pereira and Agnes Sophia Van CUYLENBURG. He had by her;

1. Edith Alexandra Maartensz *

2. Ruth Kathleen Maartensz*

3. Hugh Alexander Maartensz, born 8th Oct. 1915, died in infancy.


Lewis Mathew Maartensz, Puisine Justice of the Supreme Court, Barrister at Law, Middle Temple, born 9th Jul. 1876, died 14th Jan 1942. Married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Matara, 6th Jul. 1905, Alice Emmaline Clare KEUNEMAN, born 18th Jul. 1880, daughter of Gerald Edward Keuneman, J.P. Crown Proctor, Matara, and Alice Harriet ERNST. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. XXIII, pages 91 and 202). He had by her;

1. Aline Alice Maartensz *


Henry Hartsz Maaartensz, Surveyor, born 16th Jul. 1885, married in Christ Church, Tangalla, 29th Dec. 1909, Elaine Phenice de ZILWA, born 16th Sep. 1882, daughter of James Henry de Zilwa and Catherine Leonora DAVIOT. He had by her ;

1. Godleib Henry Hartsz Maartensz. *

2. Elaine Lorna Maartensz. *

3. Ivan Clive Hartsz Maartensz, born 20th Aug. 1917, died 4th May 1918.

4. Phenice Leonora Louise Maartensz. *


Cecil Anthony Maartensz, born 30th Sep. 1890, married:- (a) In St Paul's Church, Milagiriya, 8th Feb. 1921, Hannah DRIEBERG, born 13th Oct. 1896, died 30th Jun. 1926, daughter of Walter Dionysius Drieberg, Crown Council and Louisa THEILE. (b) In the Dutch Reformed Church, Bambalapitiya, 15th Sep. 1928, Louise Drieberg born 8th Mar. 1898, sister of (a) supra.

Of the first marriage he had:-

1. Louise Cecile Maartensz, born 4th Nov. 1923, died 25th Nov, 1923.


Wilhelm Karl Maartensz, born 11th May 1893, died 11th May 1924, married in St. Michael and All Angels Church, Colombo, 5th Sep. 1923, Lucy Helen Ohlmus EBERT, born 7th Feb. 1903. Daughter of James Dunbar Ebert and Adeline Ruth Ohlmus. (D.B.U. Journal, Vol. XXVII, page 173). He had by her:- Issue *


John George Maartensz, born 12th Apr. 1895, married in the Dutch Reformed Church, Regent St. Colombo, 14th Jun. 1918, Gladys Lilian JANSZ, born 23rd Dec. 1896, daughter of John William Jansz and Lilian Emile RULACH. He had by her:-

1. Yvonne Lilian Maartensz, born 28th Dec. 1919, died 29th Jul. 1932.

Ten other children.*


Child of Isabella Maartensz and Ernest Joseph is:

Vernon Maartensz Joseph, married Constance Eileen FOENANDER, on the 17th Feb. 1930, Dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal, Colombo, (Ceylon) Sri Lanka. She was born on the 18th Aug. 1908.

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