Johanna Lalor / Lawler and Daniel Breen

(1) Daniel Breen born 1837 near Rathdowney, Queens County, Ireland, died 8th May 1872 at Epping Victoria, Australia. Married 6 Nov. 1864 at St. Paul's Church, Pentridge, Victoria, Australia, Johanna Lalor born abt 1845 Queens County Ireland died 6 Nov 1928 at Dookie,Victoria, Australia. Daniel and Johanna lived in Epping Victoria until Daniel died.

Their children were;

1. John Breen born 1866 at Merriang, Vic. Aust.

2. Mary Breen born 1870 at Woolert, Vic. Aust.

Johanna's second marriage 27th April 1873 at St. Pauls Church Coburg,Victoria, Australia was to (2) John MAHONEY, born 1852 in County Kerry, Ireland. The Mahoney's lived at "Fairfield" a farm of 545 acres where they grew wheat and had some milking cows.

Their children were:

1. David Mahoney born 1874 at Woolert, Vic. Aust.

2. John Mahoney born1875, at Epping, Vic. Aust.

3. Catherine Mahoney born 1877 at Dookie, Vic. Aust.

4. Ellen Lucy Mahoney born 1879 at Dookie, Vic. Aust. Married unknown PELLY and resided at St. James, Victoria.

5. Bridget Mahoney born 1881 at Dookie Vic. Aust.

6. Hanorah Mahoney born 1884 at St. James, Vic. Aust.

7. Elizabeth Mahoney born 1885 at St. James Vic. Aust.

8. James Edward Mahoney born 1887.

9. Ann (Annie) Mahoney married unknown FRASER and resided at Benalla, Victoria.

10. Francis (Fanny) Mahoney. Married Maurice O'KANE 10th Oct 1912 at Youanamite, Vic. Aust.

11. Hannah Mahoney.

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The above information researched by Jenny Cassidy

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