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The Misso Family Of Sri Lanka

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Source for Misso family: DBU Vol. XX1X. No2. 1939

Note: this page follows the descendants of Louis Misso through his son Pierre Henry Misso and the first born son of each generation. Other lines are followed through connecting pages.

Louis Misso (Michaux) of Bordeaux arrived in Ceylon in 1764 on the ship "Duinberg"

He married unknown.... Morel ( a widow)

Their Children were;

(1) Maria Christina Misso. Married Adrianus Benjamin PEGALOTI

(2) Pierre Henri Misso. Married Anna Maria JANSEN in the dutch Reformed Church, Wolvendaal on the 7th February 1796. His second marriage was to Johanna Selestina LAGLAANDE


Pierre Henry Misso

3rd Generation

From the first marriage with Anna Jansen his children were;

(1) Joao (John) Boniface Misso (1797-1864)

(2) Phillip Lucas Misso. Married Carolina Wilhelmina LANDSBERGER in 1823

From the second marriage with Johanna Laglaande his children were;

(3) Vincent Edward Misso (1808-1867)

(4) Hendrick Emanuel Misso (1810-1868)

(5) Petronella Misso (1812-1890) Married ......unk DANIELS.

(6) Michael Barhtolemew Misso (1814-1892)

Joao (John) Boniface Misso. Joao Misso Surgeon, was appointed Consul General of Portugal on the 30th of January 1847. He married Wilhelmina ANDRIEZ (1802- ? ) in 1822 at St Lucia's Church, Colombo.

4th Generation

Their children were;

(1) Sophia Dorothy Misso. Married Phillip Raymond KELAART

(2) Anna Matilda Misso. Married John WRIGHT (1818-?) Surgeon. Son of John Wright of Chesterfield Derbyshire and Anna Elizabeth PALM.

(3) Joseph Sebastion Misso (1827- 1883)

(4) Felicia Catherine Misso. Married Edwin BALL

(5) Margaret Henrietta Misso (1836- ? ) Married Wilhelmus Henricus MORTIER. (1822- ?) Son of Arnoldus Mortier and Gertruida WOUTERSZ.

(6) Johanna Emelia Misso ( ? - 1871) Married John William ORR.

Joseph Sebastion Misso. Married in St Philip Neri's Church, Pettah, Colombo, Elizabeth Caroline de la HARPE. (1883 -1907 ) daughter of Peter Henry de la Harpe and Josephine Maria JANSEN.

5th Generation

The children of Joseph and Elizabeth were;

(1) John Boniface Misso ( 1850-1909 )

(2) Pierre Urquhart Misso (1851 - ? )

(3) Paul Valentine Misso (1853- 1892)

(4) Grace Lucilla Misso (1854- 1893) married Harry Stephen DEBRERA

(5) Darline Evangiline Misso (1856-1920) married Andrew George Van SANDEN. (1856-1894). Son of George Van Sanden and Merciana Elizabeth BEEKHENHOFF.

(6) Zita Beatrice Misso ( 1858 _ ? )

(7) Emiliani Caesar Joseph Misso (1860-1933)

(8) Mary Letitia Misso (1861- ? )

(9) Aloysius Evitus (Elroy) Misso (1864-1930)

(10) Polydore Marie Misso (1865_ ? )

(11) Benjamin Joseph Misso (1866-1935)

John Boniface Misso J.P. Secretary Of the district Court Colombo. Married in St Mary's Church, Galle, on the 24th May 1871 , Matilda Sophia JANSEN (1850-1920), daughter of Selestinus Adrian Jansen and Mary Caroline BUULJTENS.

6th Generation

The Children of John Boniface Misso and Matilda were;

(1) Swithbert Elphege Misso (1872-1925)

(2) Florence Viola Misso (1873-? ) Married in All Saints Church, Borella, 1901, Duncan Mark MOREIRA ( ? - 1917) son of Mark Edward S. Moreira and Mary Ursula HUGHES.

(3) Norbet Basil Misso (1875- 1918)

(4) John Boniface Misso (1877-1927)

(5) Nina Salome Misso (1879- ? ) Married in All Saints Church, Borella, 1923, Peter Henry de la Harpe (1877 - ? ) widower of Mary Elizabeth Van Sanden.

(6) Eloy Cuthbert Misso (1880-1937)

(7) Justin Victor Alban Misso (1882- ? )

(8) Fairley Joseph Misso (1885- ? )

(9) Herbert Williams Misso (1888_ ? )

(10) Nora Clemense Ouida Misso. (1891-?) married in St Mary's Church, Bambalapitiya, 1928, Paul Emanuel de COSTA.

(11) George Misso born 6th September 1897, died 8th September 1897.

Swithbert Elphege Misso . Married in the Church of the Assumption, Penang, 1902, Pauline St John McINTYRE, born 1880 died in London 1963, daughter of Mathew Mc Intyre and Mary St JOHN.

7th Generation

The Children of Swithbert Misso and Pauline McIntyre were;

(1) Leslie Eric John Misso (1904-1905)

(2) Edna Muriel Alfreda Misso.(nickname, Suriya) born 1905, died in London, England, 6th Sep. 1988, married in Westminster Cathedral, London, Dodwell WARDEN. No issue.

(3) Vernon Lionell Misso (Bunny) Doctor, born 1906, died in Lancing, West Sussex, England, 19th Jun. 1988, married in St Mary's Church, Clapham, London, 1934 Thora Moira Vera HAYES, born 1910, Tonbridge, Kent, England, died in Worthing, West Sussex, 5th Jun. 1999. Issue.

(4) Doreen Hermione Violet Misso (1909-?) married in the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, Singapore, 1930, Allan Winston MOREIRA. M.D. Both deceased, issue.

(5) Dudley Gerald Misso born 1913, died 2000 in London. Married 'Kiff" no issue.

Thankyou to Paul St. John Misso for additional information on the above 7th generation family group.

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