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Comments: search your favourite sri lankan web sites.....Thankyou

Justin, My Email:

Comments: Beautiful page need some information on the Thuring family can you help regards Justinthuring

Cameron Beattie, My Email:

Comments: Hello. Just tracking some of my own Family roots. thought I might find something here. Nothing yet, but nice site alltogether though.

Glenorah, 2003, My Email:

Comments: Very interesting web page. I am rather excited about the possibility of tracing my fathers paternal ancestory. Any help re- Burkes in Sri lanka? searching for Daniel Spencer Burke, born perhaps around 1860-69 ( perhaps in UK ) and worked during the early 1900s

Neil, 2003. My Email:

Comments: I knew there were Ostroms in Stockholm from 1870, and also throughout the USA, but now I know that the land of Ozz has been home to other Ostroms since the 19th century.

Verity, 2003, My

Comments: hello i likeur site, i am also a beattie + iv been researching my family tree for a couple of years but not had much luck, i come from a line of Richard Beatties can you help me? I?

Joyce, 2003. My Email:

Comments: You have a very good site....!!! I am living in Holland and surching my family, all over the world...The family HEYZER...

Madeline, 2003. My Email: madeline

Comments: Cannot even remember how I got here. But great to see the Coynes here. Adds another line to the COYNE history. This is like mine-a family forest or jungle, as some of my friends call it rather than a tree.

Anna, My Email:

Comments: I have daniels in my family line also. I have a descendancy chart on Peter Daniels, Sr. that dates all the way back to 1554 in England. If you think there may be a connection and want to talk to me please email me. Anna Daniels.

Vidhya, My Email: URL: none:-)

Comments: Excellent work..!!

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Comments :

Hugo,, My Email:

Coments: Do you have any info on Michiel Fransz, opperchirugijn VOC ceylon approx late 1600 - begin 1700? Thanks.

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Comments: Very interesting site!

nm, My URL: Email: wijesinghe

Comments: nice to see another sri lankan on the net

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Quite interesting to read up onthe history of my surname, thankyou. Candace de niese

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Comments: Cool effort!!! Keep it up.

Taryn Morley, My Email:

Comments: Well done on this site. You have helped me very much on a school project. My name's Taryn, and i'm 14, i live in Melbourne, and am searching about the lawlor part of me. you see my grandma's father was a lawlor (lalor), and I can't seem to find out that much.

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Comments: Interesting site, I will check my Stemp records.

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Comments: You have done a wonderful work. Keep it up! Very nice site....I realy enjoyed my visit.

Kerrie, My Email:

Comments: beautiful layout and artwork. looking for JANES but perhaps this is a corruption of Jansz. But my Janes are in India 1840's.

Tara, My Email:

Comments: Hey Cheryl, Interesting site. I'm a member of the Lalor clan - still living in Ireland ( Laois and Tipperary) and still as productive as ever. Cheers

Joan & Sarah-Louise Donovan, My Email:

Comments: Hi, we are novices in the family tree area, but we are delighted to tell you that we are descendants of Matilda (Tilly) Lalor and John Donovan. We found your web page by accident and it's helped to fill in a lot of our blanks! If you have any queries or want to email.

Ann, My Email:

Comments: Cheryl, You have a wonderful siteand I have enjoyed reading it. Where is Galagedera, is it near Kandy. Our family plantation was here, my gramps stertyed it and it is called St. George. Anne Winter Williams

Gail, 2001

Comments: Hi Cheryl, what a great site! I'm fascinated to find someone else following both Sri lankan and Beattie genealogy. I'm a Smith -Bartolomeusz, and my husband is a Beattie

Helena, 2001

Comments: Thanks for the contribution to Burgher history.

SW, 2001 My URL:

Comments: cool site.thepictures and background, keep up the good work! If you do have time, visit my site!

Carmeline, 2001

Comments: Great Work. Claude Aiden van Langenberg and Mary Carmeline Misso are my father's parents. Iwas thrilled to bits to find this on the web, but I need to trace to get more information beyond this. Anyone reading this who can help, please send me an email. C

Esme, 2001 My Email:

Comments: Just introduced to your website and very excited at the prospect of being able to research more on my family who originated from Sri Lanka. Mother was the daughter of Swithbert Elphege MISSO, father the son of Allan Edward MOREIRA. Tried to send you an Email.

Jean, 2001 My Email:

Comments: Wonderful site - very interesting and thorough.

Chris, 2001 My Email:

Comments: Nice to see the history of so many names so familiar have been recorded. It has given me the incentive to add another leaf to this very rich book.

Hamish 2001


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Comments: This a magnificent site. Something to be proud of. So much valuable information for generations to enjoy. I enjoyed my surf.

Daniel Landsberger, 2001 My Email:

Comments: Hello Cheryl. Daniel Landsberger here! I signed the old guestbook but thought I'd sign this one as well as my email has changed. Great site and I'm glad I could contribute a bit more of my own research! All the best. Daniel.

Anthony, 2001 My Email:

Comments: Beautiful web page, so well presented. Sri Lankan family Plate engraving. Mr & Mrs W. Wendt. With the best wishes of J.F.P & J.H.D.S 20th September 1855. Wendt- Maartensz, Buttery- Maartensz Salvador- Buttery Hyde- Salvador. Anyone with a link? contact.

Paul St. John Misso 2001

Comments: I am the only son of Vernon Lionel Misso, who died in 1998. I have more information on the Missos of Sri Lanka and will email you. in the next few days.

My URL: www. My Email:

Robyn - 10/28/00 13:21:10

Comments: Amazing web site! Very informative and interesting (and gorgeous!). Keep up the excellent work.

Gladstone Brohier - 10/25/00 18:43:27 My

Comments: I am desperate to find out more about the Brohier's to. So if you get any info or have any info please let me know. Well done on your family tree. Rgds Gladstone- Australia

Diane Hall Donald - 10/20/00 02:17:54

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Comments: Hi, I just finished browsing through your beautiful site. You've sure put a lot of work into this. I really enjoyed my visit. Thanks for sharing.

Paula - 10/12/00 02:41:52



Comments: I've been hearing about your hard work for so long but I wasn't prepared for how impressive your web page is or at how much response you have had. Absolutely wonderful, Cheryl. If I can help with anything while I'm in Ireland or Hampshire let me know. Love Paula

Fazli Sameer - 10/09/00 05:42:31



Comments: Congratlutaions! on a wonderful website. Keep up the good work. - Fazli Sameer

Glenyse Shaddick - 10/02/00 03:07:09


Comments: After 29years I had to be in your official guestbook Luv Glen

Marie Murphy (manchester u.k) - 09/06/00 19:02:40


Comments: Any family from Monkstown, cork?

Richard Stemp - 07/03/00 20:26:04 My

Comments: Iam just starting to try and trace my faimly tree and checked out the name Stemp My farther was born in 1922 in Battle Sussex He was from a Barnardo's Home

Sharey Mobley - 03/25/00 21:21:50 My

Comments: Is the surname Mobley English?

Cathy (Landsberger) Ogle - 03/11/00 06:31:04 My

Comments: I am just starting to research my family geneology. My father was Kenneth Landsberger and my mother was Evelyn. I was raised by relatives since the age of 10 and am searching out living relatives who might have pictures of me as a child. My earliest pi ture is at about 9 yrs old. If you can give me any tips as to where to start i'd appreciate it.

Jennifer Beattie - 01/28/00 20:08:05 My

Comments:I have traced my family back to Edinburgh, Scotland. If you think that could be of any help, feel free to contact me.

Joseph Robert Beaty - 12/20/99 12:37:48

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Comments: I am trying to trace my family history...the Beaty name...I play in a band called MindLikeWater in Florida...some places I know relatives have lived are...Salem, N.Y./mainly upstate N.Y./our coat of arms now lost.had Irish and English similarities...I nee all the help I can me...-joseph robert beaty

Heather Johnson - 12/12/99 00:02:55 My Email:hj_johnson

Comments: Well Done

Ac|dBuRn - 09/27/99 19:23:16



Comments: hello my name is Michael Francis Joseph Murphy III and id like to know if u can help me find out if i have any family left in Ireland

Cora Palamaryk - 09/27/99 03:53:14 My

Comments: Hi, I like your work. My brother Tony Lansbergen sent me your website address. Our family tree dates back to 1570, from Schiedam, The Netherlands. At one time it was spelled Landsbergen.

Fazli Sameer - 03/20/99 14:12:21 My

Comments: WOW! What a marvelous job Beattie. I have copied its contents and need your permission to include those links to Sri Lankan Burghers within the Sri Lanka page of the World Genealogy Website. ( Regards Fazli

dorrekens (Belgium) - 03/09/99 15:37:16 My

Comments: Excellent. Very Elegant. I have been in Ireland a few weeks ago and it is still astonishing to see how many people have emigrated from that country. Take care

DANIEL LANDSBERGER - 02/24/99 22:22:32


Comments: We've been in touch but I thought I'd sign your guestbook anyway just to say I've been here! Good luck and hope to speak to you again soon (and any other Landsbergers out there). DANIEL LANDSBERGER

Hugo Burgemeestre - 02/17/99 01:26:26 My

Comments: researching surname fransz ,in service of voc in ceylon and india. in capacity of chirurgijn in the years 1650 and later. thank you for any info.

Dave Purcell - 02/07/99 13:20:30My URL:


Comments: Love your site. Found it in the Connect Surnames ring. Attractive and informative. I'll check back as you update. I especially like the way you have personalized the Names and Heraldry section!

Connie Everitt - 01/24/99 11:53:17



Comments: Hello,I was hoping to get a peek at your BEATTIE family tree but couldn't. Oh well I'll try again another time. So far our Beattie's are from the UK. My husbands(Steve Everitt) grandmother was: Grace Elizabeth Beattie born: October 23, 1903 -m- Arthur Stanley Everitt ------------- Grace's father was: Frank Beattie -m- Elizabeth *Ross or Elizabeth *Holden (*we are unsure as to which maiden name is correct) Keep up the great work on your site. Come by my site and add your surnames to my Guestbook and my Surname Round-Up message board. Bye for now.

Rohan Van Twest - 12/09/98 17:51:13My

Comments: Excellent start Cheryl. Keep up the good work on the Lansi Burghers- gone, but certainly not forgotten! Rohan

Mark Aussem - 12/05/98 20:37:04 My

Comments: Hello, my grandmother is Moria Brohier from Ceylon. I just did a search and came across your site. I am sure that Nan would love to corespond with you as she lots of history of the Brohier family.

Alex - 11/06/98 02:54:13




Sue- 10/21/98 02:02:57

Comments: WOW! very elegant! and fascinating to read, Cheryl! Well Done :-)

My Email:you've got it

Comments: impressive research. imagine you being interested even vaguely schooly! where is the famous peter (eureka stockade) lalor? sue xx

James (Jeff)rey Lawlor - 10/20/98 18:43:12 My

Comments: ....your site looks terrific! Keep up the good work! ps.. please change my name if possible to "lawLOR" thanx jeff

Philip Beattie - 10/20/98 16:42:06 My

Comments: Excellent job Cheryl.With a bit of luck you may get some info. Love to all Love Phill & Stell.