James Pratt and Mary Lalor/Lawler

James Pratt, born in Queens Co. Ireland between 1830- 1834, died in Dec 1910 at Epping, Vic. Australia. Married at Kilehaw, Rathdowney, Queens Co. Ireland, 11th Feb. 1854 Margaret Lalor, born in 1831 at Erril, Queens Co. Died in Melbourne, Vic. 31st July 1902.

Their children were;

1. Mary Ellen Pratt, born 1855 at Monamondra, Queens Co.Died 17th July 1894. Married John MAHONEY 17th June 1872.

2. John Thomas Pratt, born 12th Feb. 1857, at Woolert, Vic. died 8th Dec. 1921 at Epping Vic. Married Margaret Lynch, in Vic. in 1882. Born in Queens Co. Ireland in 1862, daughter of Joseph Lynch and Mary McAULIF and died at Epping Vic in 1888. source: Ref. Number: 1392. Reg. year: 1888. reg State: Victoria. Death . 2nd marriage of John Thomas Pratt was to Hanorah McNAMARA in 1890. She was born in 1871 at Williamstown, Vic. and died in 1908.

3. Honora Pratt, born at Epping on the 26th Feb. 1859. Died at Collingwood, Vic. in 1919. She married Archibald ELLIOT in 1887.

4. Johanna Pratt, born 29th Sep. 1860 at Epping, Vic. died 1876 also at Epping.

5. Kate Pratt, born at Epping, 27th Aug. 1862, died at Fitzroy, Melbourne Vic. in 1912. Married 1885 at Epping, William STEVENS bapt. at Mornington.

6. James Pratt, born at Epping, 11th Feb. 1865, died 16th Nov. 1911 Melb. Vic.

7. Michael Pratt, born 1867 at Epping, died 18th May 1920 at Greensborough. Married Margaret McDONNELL in 1896 at Fitzroy Vic.

8. Margaret Pratt, born 14th Nov. 1869 at Woolert Vic. died 1926 at Collingwood Vic. Married in 1896 Alexander YOUNG, born 1863 at Castelmaine Vic.

9. Jane Elizabeth Pratt, born at Woolert 1874 died at Fitzroy 1940. Married in 1893, Charles Wilson CONNELL born at Beaufort 1868.

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