The Family of George Rayner and Rachel Elizabeth Stokes

George Rayner, born at Bethnal Green, London, England in 1854, died in 1922. Married in London about 1873, Rachel Elizabeth Stokes, born in Birmingham, England in 1855, died in London, England, on the 22 October 1927. Rachel is buried at manor Park Cemetery, london. According to the 1881 Census, George and Rachel gained employment as Boot Finishers, and at that time were living at 15 Cambridge Rd, Bethnall Green, London. Also living with them was Henry R. Stokes occupation,"Boot Laster" and Rachel's brother, who was born in 1857 at Spittlefields England. The family lived in London until 1916. Because of the bombing (WW1) they moved to Portsmouth, Hampshire. When they first moved to Portsmouth, they lived over a butcher's shop on Great Southsea Street.

The Children of George Rayner and Rachel Elizabeth Stokes:

1. Emily G. Rayner born in Bethnal Green, London 1874 died abt 1970.

2. George James Rayner born in Bethnal Green, London 1876, died 31st January 1965 at Hackney, London. He is buried at Manor Park Cemetery London. Married Harriet...unknown(1880- 1958)

3. Rachel Elizabeth Rayner born in London 1879 died 22nd October 1927. Married James William Eddicott born 1879 died 4th Nov 1935 in London, England. James is known to have had a sister, Florence Eddicott.

4. Walter Rayner born abt 1880 died abt 1951. Married Esme....unk.

5. Albert Rayner born abt 1882

6. Beatrice Rosina (known as Beatty) Rayner, born 1887 died 22nd November 1928. Married Herbert Gordon Hutchinson.

7. Hannah Cecelia Rayner born 16th October 1889, at 15 Cambridge Street, Bethnal Green, London, England. She died 28th April 1978 at Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. She married (1) Alfred Toone on the 1st of May 1914. Alfred died of wounds (WW1) in France 24th Oct. 1917, and is buried at Lyssenttock Military Cemetery, France. Before the war, Alfred was a pastry Cook. (2) In 1919 Richard Thomas Beattie at Portsmouth, England. (3) in the 1970's ....Davies. Hannah's first job was an apprentice Baby's Milliner. After the move to Portsmouth she worked as a Furrier for Wilkes and Mitchell, Portsmouth Furriers. From April of 1918 to 24th October 1918 she worked at the Portsmouth Dockyards as a painter. (The female workers were known as the "triangle Girls" because of the distinctive badges on their uniforms). This is where she met her future husband Richard Thomas Beattie.

8. May Caroline Rayner born 1898 died in May of 1997. Married about 1921 Alfred Thomas Mitchell.

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