Hi! You have found your way to my first Northern Gardening website at GeoCities.  I made this gardening website way back in 1996, so yes, it is a little rough around the edges.  I've long since moved to bigger and better digs at www.northerngardening. com, so please visit me there.  Before you go though, I hope you will click some of the links in the award photos at the bottom of the page or my awards and links pages to get a feel for how it was in 1996 when the internet was still new.  GeoCities was one of the first web hosts that offered people their own free website and the opportunity to be a part of a big web community where people could share their common interests.  In fact, when I first started, GeoCities didn't even have pop-up ads! There was a sense of camaraderie then that I don't think we have now. I retrieved this old homepage from archive.org, a website that has archived web pages for over ten years, so many of the sites or pages that come up when you click the links don't really exist anymore.

Enjoy my little trip to World Wide Web days gone by, and please visit me afterwards at Northern Gardening, 2007.

Northern Gardening animated rose