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"Until he extends his circle of compassion to all
living things, man will not himself find peace."
-- Dr. Albert Schweitzer


Hello, my name is Susan Roghair, and I am the President of Animal Rights Online. Thank you so much for visiting our Web site!

We have decided to devote our spare time to help the lives of animals. The animals are very dear to our hearts, and it saddens us whenever we learn of any cruelty, exploitation, and abuse toward them.

Animals are suffering every minute, every day...

  • in unnecessary laboratory experiments, where they endure physical and/or psychological pain before they are "sacrificed." Other "lab animals" are used in the testing of toxic chemicals, cosmetics, and almost every kind of household product.

  • for "entertainment purposes" in rodeos and circuses, during the production of motion pictures, and in poorly designed zoos and aquariums. Animals are subject to dismemberment and death in staged dogfights and cockfights.

  • on "factory farms", where their short lives are spent in unnatural, confined quarters. These animals are slaughtered and butchered in assembly-line fashion. Then they are eaten.

  • for "sport" and for the fashion/clothing industries... Many wild animals are hunted and killed. Others die agonizing deaths in steel jaw leghold traps so people can wear their skins for clothes.

  • close to our homes... even companion animals, our pets, suffer abuse. Allowing pets to overpopulate leads to starvation on the streets or euthanasia in the pound. Unwanted or lost animals may end up on the laboratory table.

We need to show respect and to be compassionate to all beings. Like us, animals deserve fair treatment.

How can we help?

We've listed some great animal rights and vegetarian Web sites on our Links Page. Also, we have many back issues of our Animal Writes newsletters available for viewing on our Newsletter Archives Page. Please take some time to check these pages out. Thanks!

Please note: Effective autumn 2005, Animal Rights Online stopped the publication of its newsletters. It appears that because of increased spam filtering, AOL can no longer handle our bulk mailings. Though what I have been sending out for almost 10 years is NOT spam, I've been told that if any of the recipients decide to report it as spam, instead of unsubscribing, then it is a 'terms of service' violation. We regret that we are no longer publishing our newsletters for this reason.

Thank you for your interest in Animal Rights Online and for all you do to help animals.

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ACT Radio Show

Check out ACT Radio - Animal Concerns of Texas - which is hosted by Dr. Steven Best, Greg Lawson and Liz Walsh. This unique radio show airs every 2nd and 4th Sunday evening of the month. It focuses on animals, and related issues such as vegetarianism and the environment. Archives of ACT Radio programs are online at Animal Concerns of Texas.

"All the arguments to prove man's superiority
cannot shatter this hard fact:
In suffering, the animals are our equals."
-- Peter Singer, from Animal Liberation

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