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On this page, you can see which animal articles are new. There will be new ones each week (I hope). Well, please enjoy the ones available! If there are any animals that you want to learn about but you can't find it in my animal articles, tell me on my feedback page!

Hey people out there, I've finally made some decent additions to my homepage! Have you noticed? What am i saying, I don't really want to know, but I've got two more articles down, look in the Fish and Animals of the Ocean sections. Right now i just have to upload them, they'll be there when u'r finished reading this paragraph.
Oh yes, I still need to do a LOT of editing to this page, to give it a less boring look, and since I'm just 15 and still have many years of school haead of me, I haven't gained much speed at making these pages. Actually, I forgot some HTML, so hang in there as I make these additions!
And yeah, i've finally got my e-mail working, like after 3 MONTHS!!! So irritating, but then I've got the webring going and the awards too. I don't really know if i've lost anyone's mail, because I know that I'm still missing a lot of confirmation letters from lots of the No Cruelty to Animals Ring members, I'm so sorry! I'll try to add as many as I can this weel, and for the people missing the fragment, I'm on your tails, so get ready!
Oh yes, sorry to all the people that tried to add their sites to the quene of my ring, at times it got locked because I was trying to add more pages to the ring. Please try your entries again, it's only a temporary problem as WebRing is updating and improving their server! Click here for the No Cruelty to Animals Ring.

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