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Faloat's Butterfly Homepage

The Wonderful World Of Butterflies

Butterflies are among the world's rarest wonders. If you have ever happened upon one, you will know what I mean. Delicate and graceful, they fly on fragile wings with colors which may range the spectrum of the rainbow.

This group of pages will be dedicated to the raising, collecting and the study of butterflies and moths. It will mostly be in laymans terms, with all scientific terms in parenthesis (for easier reading.) Please note that I am not a trained entomologist, just an amatuer enthusist whos father introduced him to the exotic world of the butterfly.

Within these pages you will find, among interesting tidbits of information, a personal journal for my collection, including specific information as to the conditions under which each butterfly and/or moth was captured and/or raised. Also you will find a journal for the rearing of caterpillars which I have personally collected. (I pray for success in this endeavor.) You will also find links to many other butterfly resources as I locate them. And as a bonus feature you will find a list of information regarding the various species of butterflies, including (but not limited to) Swallowtails, Monarchs, Buckeyes, and many moths.

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