"The marine fishes reach their greatest diversity in the coral reef ecosystems. Increasing polution, urban development, mining activities, deforestation and destructive fishing are endangering the coral reef and its fish diversity."

Of all the creatures dwelling on coral reefs, none are more active or obvious than the fishes. Perhaps more than any other single component of the reef communities, fishes provide the best opportunity to observe essential features of reef ecology. Just in case you are wondering, yes, fishes is the plural of fish (I get this question a lot!), used when you are referring to a group of different species.

The high diversity of the fish communities in the coral reefs is maintained mainly by the complexity of these places, that provide different ways for fishes to feed, live and reproduce. As many as the species numbers are the different ways of hunting, feeding, hiding, reproducing and living. Some aspects of the ecology of this remarkable community are further discussed here.

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