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Book of garden plants!

Book of garden plants!

Book of garden plants!

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Bagi para pecinta bunga, setiap bunga mempunyai karakteristik masing-masing. Sentimentil, kegundahan, simpatik, hormat, kesedihan bahkan penolakan semua  dapat diekspresikan dengan bahasa bunga. Bunga mempunyai pengertian simbol yang berbeda-beda.

Berikut ini adalah pengertian umum dari bunga-bunga:

Nama Bunga Arti
Acacia Persahabatan
Acacia Blossom Concealed Love, Beauty in Retirement, Chaste Love
Acorn Simbol Nordik dari Hidup dan Kekekalan
Agapanthus Surat Cinta
Allium Persatuan, rendah hati, kesabaran
Alstroemeria Kekayaan, kemakmuran, keberuntungan
Amaryllis Pride, Pastoral Poetry
Ambrosia Your Love is Reciprocated
Anemone Forsaken
Arbutis Hanya Anda yang Saya Cinta
Aster Afterthought, Symbol of Love, Daintiness
Astilbe Saya masih sedang menunggu
Azalea Cinta, romance, cinta pertama, Take Care of Yourself for Me, Temperance, Fragile Passion, Chinese Symbol of Womanhood
Bachelor's Button Felicity, delicacy, Single Blessedness
Basil Best wishes
Begonia Beware
Bells of Ireland Good luck
Bittersweet Truth
Bluebell Rendah hati
Bouvardia Antusiasme
Bouquet of Withered Flowers Cinta yang tertolak
Cattail Damai, Kemakmuran
Chrysanthemum, General You're a Wonderful Friend, Cheerfulness and Rest
Chrysanthemum, Red Saya Cinta
Chrysanthemum, White Kebenaran
Chrysanthemum, Yellow Slighted Love
Coreopsis Selalu Cheerful
Crocus  Cheerfulness
Cyclamen Resignation and Good - bye
Cactus Endurance
Caladium Great joy and delight
Calla Magnificent Beauty
Camellia Perfection, Good Luck, Gift to a Man, Admiration
Camellia, Pink Merindukanmu
Camellia, Red  You're a Flame in My Heart
Camellia, White You're Adorable
Candytuft Indifference
Carnation, General Fascination
Carnation, Pink  I'll never forget you
Carnation, Purple Capriciousness
Carnation, Red My heart aches for you, Admiration
Carnation, Solid Color Ya
Carnation, Striped Sorry I can't be with you, No, Refusal, Wish I Could Be with You
Carnation, White   Innocence, Sweet and Lovely, Innocence, Pure Love, Women Good Luck Gift
Carnation, Yellow You Have Disappointed Me, Rejection
Clover Good luck
Coral Bells Tantangan
Cosmos  Modesty
Crocus Youthful gladness
Daffodil Regard, Unrequited Love, You're the Only One, The Sun is Always Shining When I'm with You
Dahlia Instability
Daisy Innocence, Loyal Love, I'll Never Tell; Purity
Dandelion Faithfulness, Happiness
Dead Leaves Kesedihan
Dogwood Love undiminished by adversity
Fern Magic, Fascination, Confidence and Shelter, sincerity, Secret Bond of Love
Fir Waktu
Flax Domestic Symbol
Forsythia Good nature, Anticipation
Freesia Innocence
Galax Encouragement
Gardenia You're lovely, Cinta tersembunyi
Garlic Courage, Kekuatan
Geranium, Ivy Bridal favor, Kebodohan, Folly
Gladiolus Give Me a Break...I'm Really Sincere, Bunga para Gladiator, Kekuatan dari karakter
Glozinia Cinta pada pandangan pertama
Grass Submission
Heather, Lavender Admiration
Heather, White Proteksi, Wishes Will Come True
Holly Foresight, Defense, Domestic Happiness
Hyacinth, General Permainan dan Olahraga
Hyacinth, Blue Constancy
Hyacinth, Purple I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Sorrow
Hyacinth, Red or Pink Bermain
Hyacinth, White Loveliness, Saya akan berdoa untukmu
Hyacinth, Yellow Jealousy
Hydrangea Thank-you for understanding, Frigidity, Heartlessness
Iris Hikmat, Fleur-de-lis, Embloom of France, Your Friendship Measn So Much to Me; Faith; Hope, Wisdom and Valor, My Compliments
Ivy Wedded Love, Fidelity, Friendship, Affection
Ivy Sprig of White Tendrils Anxious to Please, Affection
Jonquil (daffodil) Cintai saya, Affection Returned, Desire, Simpati, Desire for Affection Returned
Kalanchoe Popularitas
Lily, Calla Kecantikan
Lily, Day Coquetry, Chinese Emblem untuk Ibu
Lily, Eucharis Maiden Charms
Lily, Orange Kebencian
Lily, Tiger Kekayaan
Lily, White  Keperawanan, Kesucian, Majesty, It's Heavenly to Be with You
Lily, Yellow I'm Walking on Air!, False and Gay
Lily-of-the-Valley Sweetness, Tears of the Virgin Mary Return to Happiness, Humility, You've Made My Life Complete
Larkspur, Pink Fickleness
Lavender Devotion
Lilac Rendah hati
Magnolia Cinta alam, Nobility
Marigold Cruelty, Grief; Jealousy
Marjoram Blushes, mirth
Mint Virtue
Mistletoe Cium saya, Affection; To Surmount Difficulties, Sacred Plant of India, Magic Plant of the Druids
Monkshood Chivalry, Beware, A deadly Foe is Near
Moss Maternal love, Charity
Myrtle  Home, Love, Hebrew Emblem of Marriage
Narcissus Egotism, Formality, Stay as Sweet as You Are
Nasturtium Patriotism, Conquest, Victory in Battle
Nuts Kebodohan
Oleander Hati-hati
Orange Blossom Innocence, Cinta kekal, Marriage and Fruitfulness, Kesucian
Orange Mock Deceit
Orchid Love, Beauty, Refinement, Beautiful Lady, Chinese Symbol for Many Children
Orchid, Cattleya  Mature Charm
Palm Leaves  Victory and Success
Pansy Pikiran
Parsley Festivity
Peach Blossom I am your captive
Peony Shame, Gay Life, Happy Marriage, Bashfulness
Petunia Resentment; Anger; Your Presence Soothes me
Phlox Jiwa kita dipersatukan
Pine Harapan; Kasihan
Poppy, General Tidur yang kekal, Oblivion; Imajinasi
Poppy, Red Kesenangan
Poppy, White Consolation (Poppy is the floral sign of consolation probably because it was created by "Ceres" while in search of her daughter Proserpine to assuage her
Poppy, Yellow Kekayaan, Sukses
Primrose I Can't Live Without You
Primrose, Evening Inconstancy
Queen Anne's Lace Haven
Quince Pencobaan
Ranunculus You are radiant with charm
Rosebud Beauty and Youth, A Heart Innocent of Love
Rosebud, Moss Confessions of Love
Rosebud, Red  Pure and Lovely
Rosebud, White Girlhood
Roses, Bouquet of Full Bloom Gratitude
Roses, Single Full Bloom  Saya cinta kamu, saya masih cinta kamu
Roses, Garland or Crown of Beware of Virtue, Reward of Merit, Crown, Symbol of Superior Merit
Roses, Musk Cluster Charming
Roses, Bridal Happy Love
Roses, Christmas  Tranquilize My Anxiety; Anxiety
Roses, Damask Persian Ambassador of Love
Roses, Dark Crimson Mourning
Roses, Garland or Crown of Beware of Virtue, Reward of Merit, Crown, Symbol of Superior Merit
Roses, Hibiscus  Delicate Beauty
Roses, Lavender Enchantment
Roses, Leaf You May Hope
Roses, Musk Cluster Charming
Roses, Peach Desire
Roses, Pink  Please Believe Me, Grace, Perfect Happiness, also Thankfulness
Roses, Red Love, Respect
Roses, Tea I'll Remember, Always
Roses, Thornless  Cinta pada pandangan pertama
Roses, Yellow Sukacita, Persahabatan, also Jealousy, Decrease of Love, Jealousy, Try to Care
Roses, White Innocence and Purity, I am Worthy of You, You're Heavenly; Secrecy and Silence, Innocence
Roses, White and Red Together Persatuan, Flower Emblem of England
Roses, White (Dried) Death is Preferable to Loss of Virtue
Roses, White (Withered) Transient Impression, Fleeting Beauty, You Made No Impression
Rosemary  Rememberance
Sage Domestic virtue
Smilax Loveliness
Snapdragon Deception, Gracious Lady
Spider Flower Elope with Me
Spirea Kemenangan, conceit
Stephanotis Happiness in Marriage, Desire to Travel
Stock Bonds of Affection, Promptness, Engkau selalu cantik bagi saya
Sweetpea Good-bye, Departure; Blissful Pleasure, Terima kasih untuk waktu yang indah
Star of Bethlehem Kesucian
Statice Simpati, remembrance
Stephanotis Happiness in marriage
Stock Kecantikan yang bertahan
Sunflower Adoration
Sweet Basil Good wishes
Sweet Pea Kesenangan yang delicate
Thyme Aktivitas
Tulip, General Kekasih yang sempurna, Fame; Bunga Emblem dari Belanda
Tulip, Red Percayalah pada saya, Deklarasi cinta
Tulip, Variegated Mata yang cantik
Tulip, Yellow Hopeless love, There's Sunshine in Your Smile
Viscaria Maukah and menari dengan saya?
Violet Modesty
Violet, Blue Watchfulness, Faithfulness, I'll Always Be True
Violet, White Let's Take a Chance on Happiness
Water lily Kesucian hari
Weeping Willow Mourning
Wheat  Friendliness
Yarrow Kesembuhan
Zinnia, Magenta Lasting Affection
Zinnia, Mixed Memikirkan (atau dalam ingatan akan) seorang sahabat yang tidak hadir
Zinnia, Scarlet  Constancy
Zinnia, White Kebaikan
Zinnia, Yellow Daily Remembrance

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