This site is devoted to living mindfully. Being aware that the paths we choose and our ultimate destinations are as individual as each person. I would like to share some of my adventures and life lessons which have led me to a healthier and more peaceful life, especially when listening carefully to God's direction. Appreciating our interconnection with all His creation and the essentiality or fundamental need for compassion toward all.......Breathe and Smile :-)

Since its inception in 1996 I have received many comments on this website. What has, and continues to, amaze me are the many references to the term "new age" in relation to some of my experiences. I personally see nothing "new" about my lifestyle. In point of fact my studies, which have resulted in many positive changes, are based on time honored lessons that afford a greater extent of Peace.

I have not only enjoyed hearing from visitors over the years, I have also found feedback to be very helpful in improving this site. Please take a moment to sign the guestbook, or email me with any comments, questions or concerns.

This site was updated on February 7th, 2006 and is in a state
of constant momentum as I continue to experience and embrace life.



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