The Arabian Oasis

How can the Arabic text be used in publications?

To comply with copyrights, please do not post whole articles and acknowledge the source.
These instructions are for hard-copy publication only.
WWW publication is NOT permissible, just make a URL.

 What do you need?

1- Accentsoft Multilingual Publisher.
2- A modem.
3- Netscape Gold 2 or 3 (or any other program that can capture a web site)
4- Enough disk space.

 Importing the text and graphics?

  1. Using Netscape Gold view the page(s) you want (one at a time) and press on the edit icon (not that in the menu) that have a pencil mark.
  2. You will be presented with a warning message that you need permission to edit the page. Press OK. You will be presented with a two options for downloading (capturing) the site. You do not need the (Link) unmark it by pressing on the radio button containing the black center, the black will clear. You may need the second option, if you want the graphics associated to use in your publication, otherwise make sure that it is not marked.
  3. Press SAVE. You will be prompted for a file name (you can also select a directory to save the files in). You may want to change the 'default' name, or keep it. It will save in an .htm format. Do not change the type of document to another format.
  4. Press OK. The document (and graphics if you chose todownload) will be saved.
  5. Repeat the procedure for other pages, if you need them.
  6. Close the browser and the internet connection.

 Editing and formatting the text and graphics.

  1. Launch the Accentsoft Multilingual Publisher.
  2. Select open document from the 'file menu' or by just clicking on the open icon (looks like diskette with a black arrow head).
  3. Change the document type at the lower left corner of the meanu to HTML (the default is Accentsoft publisher document).
  4. Navigate to the dirctory you have saved the .htm file(s) in. Select a document. Press OK.
  5. A menu will appear showing some options. If you are using version b, make sure that all options are NOT selected, particularly option number one. Press OK.
  6. The publisher will begin a 'transformation' process. The end result should be that you'll have the document in a text form that you can edit (modify content and/or layout). Insert new graphics, etc.
  7. Save as ACP file.
  8. Print.

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