From: (Dr. Samira Omar)
Subject: Links to NGOs and environmental businesses in the Arabian Gulf Region.
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Dear Nabil M. El-Khodari>

Thank you for the information on The Arabian Oasis home page.  I am member
of the board of Kuwait Environment Protection Society KEPS (NGO) which was
established in 1974.  The Society has about 850 members.  We are planning to
convene a symposium on Collaboration among the Gulf Coperation Council
Countries on the Environment.  We are in need of addresses (E-mail as well)
of All NGOs in the region that are interested in environmental issues.  
Please also send me more information on how to link to Oasis home page

Address of Kuwait's Environment Protection Society:
        P.O.Box 1896 Safat
        Kuwait - 13019
        Cable:  Environt
        Fax. 965-4837856
        Tel: 965-4848256

You may use my e-mail as a link to the society.  I would like to reqest including 
KEPS's address with my email address in  the Arabian Oasis.  

KEPS would like to exchange information with other organizations in the Middle East.  

We publish a local  magazine on the Environment that we can distribute to any 
interested body. 

Thanks again for your assistance.
Best regards
Dr. Samira Omar
Aridland Agriculture Department