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We ask not what thou art.
If friend,
We greet thee, hand and heart;
If stranger,
Thou no longer be;
If foe,
Our love will conquer thee.

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Food for Thought

I will allow no one to degrade my soul by making me hate him

~an ex-slave


Poem of the Month

at once, lost
but not giving
nimble of foot
slow to hear
quick to speak
be not as it may be
for those of no understanding
to which ease of path
comes forthright
giving naught
the pleasure of pain
in the knowing
of one such as that.

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Children ~ our most precious of gifts ~ our most valuable resource. We love them, and do everything we can to ensure their safety. We have made child safety seats a law, as well as bicycle helmets. We check consumer reports to make sure their toys are not malfunctioning. We toddlerproof our homes to prevent accidents which might hurt them. Yet, we do not check their foods. We are poisoning our children, good gentles. We are feeding them pesticides and preservatives and growth hormones at every turn and then wonder why there is such an increase in learning diabilities and behavior disorders. Most of these chemicals are proven neurotoxins. Please take the time to learn more about feeding your child healthy, natural foods. More and different tips will be added to this page so be sure to check back.


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  • That the energy saved from recycling one glass bottle will light a 100 watt bulb for 4 hours.
  • The average family produces 1200 lbs. of compostable garbage every year.
  • An aluminum can thrown in the trash will still be trash 200 years fom now unles it is picked up and recycled.
  • Paper products, like newspapers, comprise about 40% of landfill waste.

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