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          My name is DEVIL WOLF!!
          And I would like to welcome you to my page.

          "WHERE'S MY CIGARETTE??"

          The Wolf's main source of communication
          comes from the facial expressions.
          This wolf is showing aggression by curling it's lips back,
          exposing the fangs and holding the ears erect.

          MIRROR MIRROR in the water.....

          Wolves don't avoid water
          (unless it is too turbulent).
          In fact some wolves have been seen
          swimming for no particular reason
          but perhaps just to have fun.

          Look! I signed up for the Angel Patrol Staff Spirit Contest! *G* Please click the banner above and give my site a vote. *batting wolfie lashes*

          Here is a great site to see if you have an interest in wolves!!! It has many wonderful pictures as well as some helpful tips for chatters.
          Check it out... Click on the picture button!

          This page would not be possible without the dedicated help of my love,
          my dear WOLF, for which I would like to publicly say
          THANK YOU!!! *S*


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          My Adoption Agency

          My home away from home!!
          Lots of different stuff to see. Nothing repeated

          Click the picture to see our wolfpups' page

          Please sign my NEW guest book
          (since my old one had a fatal crash and I couldn't read it!!)
          and tell me what you think of my page.....thank you....*S*

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