Ca Valley Petroglyphs
Vermelhosa Site

  • The new archaeological Park of Ca Valley has been officially opened on August, 10 (+351-79-764317)
  • Two reception centers has been prepared at Vila Nova de Foz Ca and Castelo Melhor
  • Tourist can visit most important sites by guided tours
  • For the first time a Rock Art area encourages the institution of an economical development plan (called Pro-Ca), actually funded by Portuguese Government and European Union.

  • The Palaeolithic style of many scratched figures has been confirmed by the first tracings of Vermelhosa site, with many animal and the great discovery of two noticeable female figures (Gravado no Tempo - Etched in Time International project). A poster will be presented at UISSP meeting at Forli' (I) September 9-15
  • The entire question continues having many effects on Portuguese Archaeology. Recording methods (washing - cleaning - digging) at Canada do Inferno, Penascosa and Barca will be examined by an IFRAO commission

    Read the Ca Special Page in TRACCE 5 Online Rock Art Bulletin


Vale do Ca

    The Vermelhosa site is situated in a small lateral little valley on the orographic left side of the Douro river. The engraved rocks were discovered in June 1995 by Jos Pilerio, a Vila Nova de Foz Ca researcher In this area (and also in most Ca Valley areas) it is easy to find many vertical red surfaces of Xisto Grauvaquico Ante-Ordoviciano, a sedimentary metamorphosed rock. The rocks are very well preserved, not eroded, only (sometimes hardly) affected by the natural detaching of (sometimes large) blocks along the schist fractures...

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