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Hello! Welcome to my home page. My name is Rosa Lynn Hagedorn. I am 15 and in the 10th grade. Please be patient I am still moving in, boxes are everywhere.

I am making a page to show all the adults in the world that yes, teenagers care about the world we live in. I am also making this page as introduction to other teens on vegetarianism and love of our world. We are the future, it's up to us. F.Y.I. Dave Thomas of Wendy's recently had open heart surgery because of blocked arteries.....hmmm maybe because of one too many BURGERS (filled with fat a cholesterol)...

I am going to be starting a list on the many vegetarians that i Know. If you are a Vegetarian/Vegan and are interested on being on the LIST please e-mail me of you status and why you are what you are....THANKS!

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    meet my friend Ashley, a budding writter.
    a wonderful Vegetarian page
    a long list of FREE stuff for everyone

    VEGETARIANS ARE THE BEST!...this page was last updated 1/19/97

    Here's a picture of my friends Nancy and Matt. That's me in the middle!

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