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When mankind first inherited the Earth, it was abound with greenery and living creatures. Man was supposed to live in harmony with nature and preserve the Earth for generations to come. However as civilizations grew and progressed, man soon forgot his debt to nature. He started to destroy beautiful natural habitats in his quest for wealth, power and progress. Preservation of nature was the last thing on his mind. All this has set the scene for the environmental problems we face today

Large scale fishing mining, hunting, logging, land clearing and industrialization have resulted in environmental disasters. Only now have we become conscious of the extent of destruction to our environment. 'Conservation', 'endangered species', 'recycling' and 'pollution' are now hotly debated topics.

Too much fishing and consumption of marine life may cause the depletion of an important source of food. Uncontrolled mining could result in the depletion of fuels and minerals. A declining supply of food and fuels will affect human existence as these are essential needs in our lives. Hunting and poaching endanger the existence of wildlife and may cause the extinction of rare animals. Presently, statistics show that forty to fifty species of animals perish and vanish from the face of the Earth each day. As the food chain is slowly broken, even more animals and plants will face extinction.

Logging and industrialization are the main contributing factors to pollution. With the destruction of our rain forests - the "Earth's lungs" - the Earth is slowly losing its supply of oxygen. Each year, an area of rain forest the size of Switzerland disappears as trees are chopped down for wood and land is cleared for development. Factories built near rivers and streams often channel their waste into them, polluting the water. Toxic fumes emitted from factories are released into the atmosphere. The resulting pollution of both our water and air are health hazard leading to contaminated drinking water and respiratory problems. These affect not just human beings but other living creatures as well.

Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) used in spray aerosols and refrigerators are damaging the ozone layer, a think blanket of ozone gas 25km above the Earth. There is now a hole the size of the United States of America and global warming is a very real problem today.

Mankind, now painfully aware of the environmental problems, has founded various organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and the Nature Conservancy to save the Earth. Tougher laws with stiffer penalties to protect our environment have been made by concerned countries. Campaigns have been launched to make people aware of the importance of conserving the environment. Environmentally friendly items which are recyclable and biodegradable are now the trend.

Everyone has to play his role. To save the Earth, and make it a better place for our children. Mankind has to think of the consequences of their actions. Is the Apocalypse approaching? Let us not wait to find out.

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