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Hi there my name is JoëlleYep, This is me Naked :)

I am also known as Sunshine on ICQ :). I'm 44 years old and work as Office Manager for a H & R Block. I live in Northwestern Ontario in Canada. I'd like to take the time to thank you for visiting my Home Page. I am a fun loving person and love meeting new people. I love reading, baseball/softball, music, reading, and plan on doing some travelling in the very near future. I travelled to England here are few pics and really enjoyed my trip, it is a great place to visit.  I have also been lucky in visiting North Carolina a nice place to visit.

I did a lot of traveling in 2003. My daughters, my nephew and my dog Cubby went to visit my sisters in Alberta and British Columbia. Can you imagine all 5 of us in a Pontiac Firefly. It was sure packed but we enjoyed ourselves immensely. My nephew had never been in that area so it was something new for him as well as my girls and I had never gone past Alberta. We were all happy to have gone and hopefully we manage to go again soon. Then in August, my girls and I drove to New Brunswick to visit friends and family. The weather was great and the sites were even better. We stay in Cassie Cape and visited the dunes and many other places. We returned home just in time for school. This was a great experience for us all. Hopefully we are able to do this again very soon.

I have a new passion, my girls & I have started Karate it is Tsuruoka Karate. My goal was to obtain my Black belt which I succeeded in doing in December 2004. My girls are both green belt.

I am also taking online courses which I am working toward a new degree "Business Administration - Accounting". So I've been keeping busy with my girls, homework and Karate. Hopefully things will continue in this nature. I am also taking a course called "Small and Medium Size Business Counselling through APEC/IBIZ. I have to go to Montréal to take this course. I have one more time to go which is in May 2005. I'm looking forward to it. Now all I will have to do is work on my portfolio. Hopefully I will be able to get these done within the next year.

I'd also like to thank my good friends Harmey, Miss and Foreverman for helping design my page. Thanks again if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have learned how to do all this. 

Oh yeah...and I have a few pictures that you may want to take a look prepared to be afraid :) Sunshine's Pic's, my daughters and here are links to pics or home pages of a few of my good friends.

Here is a sweet poem if you care to read it. Cya. 

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