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What causes it?
How do we measure it?
How do we prevent it?

What is Water Pollution?
Wastewater Treatment: 
What Happens at the Plant?

The pages above are for anyone who wants to learn how water becomes polluted-- and how wastewater is treated to prevent pollution from occurring. The lab pages below are intended more for people in the wastewater treatment field, or for chemistry students, who want to know more about water analysis. The links pages can take you to further information about all of these topics.

How is Pollution Measured? 
flask Water Analysis: Methods and Equipment
What Do We Test For? Why? How?
flask Javascript Calculators
pH pH "mini-tutorial"(includes formulas, reactions, examples, and titration curves) Access directly by clicking here, or from the pH section in "What Do We Test For?", above.
camera Lab Photo Gallery
light bulb    Bright Ideas: Tools for the Wastewater Lab

Links to Other Information

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