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This site is currently under construction. Sorry bout the mess. Jenn

Mitakuye Oyasin (We Are All Related)

Hau koda! Welcome my friend. Please make yourself comfortable. I hope you enjoy yourself.

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Coming Soon...A bookstore right here in my little circle...but until I get the darn thing up and running, please use Amazon's handy little search utility.

 My name is Jennifer Little Elk. I am a 27 year old white/Dakotah female living in Bremerton, WA, USA. I have 3 children. I like to spend a lot of time outdoors…hiking, gathering wildflowers, or just playing with my kids. I like going to the beach at sunset. Let's just say that I love everything about nature. My favorite animal is the Black Panther. My favorite color is purple. My favorite sports are football, hockey and volleyball. I also enjoy listening to all forms of music from Beethoven to ZZ Top. I practice Native American Spirituality as well as Wicca. I am also an Alcoholic and Addict in Recovery. I have found new life in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous

I would like you all to know that I have a new addition to my family...she's very quite, but very big...and she has come to me because I am a.....

Adopt a Dragon Foundation

I will have a page just for her, very soon...I hope you all will come see the way, her name is PeaceBringer.


(You can skip this part if you want)

As it says at the top of the page, I believe that we are all related. This includes the 2-leggeds (humans), 4-leggeds (animals), the standing people (trees), the wingeds (birds), the swimmers (fish), the crawlers (insects) and the rock people (stones). We all share this great Turtle Island. We must remember to treat all of our relations with love and respect. Which brings me to my Save Our Planet Speech… Please do everything you can to save Mother Earth from utter destruction. Walk, ride a bike, recycle, carpool, use non-toxic cleaning agents. If you do not want to do this to better the world that you live in, please do it for the children and the generations to come. Okay, I guess that's enough on that subject.

Now, for Soapbox #2… This is concerning the animals who are endangered or nearing extinction. Please, stop killing our brothers and sisters. Soon there will be no animals left. What a sad world that would be. Just imagine, never seeing another majestic eagle in flight, or a lion on the hunt, or the running of deer across a meadow. And what would this world be like if we never saw another whale or dolphin swimming in the sea? These are the things that must be considered if there is to be a future for our children.

 Lastly, and most important of all, please stop killing each other. I believe that the Great Spirit put each of us on this earth to love one another. When will it all come to an end? Much like Dr. Martin Luther King, I too have a dream. Like him, I pray for the day when all peoples of all nations will join together as one people. When will we stop this warring because of race, religion and yes, even gender? I'm sorry if I am bursting anybody's bubbles of superiority, but no one is better than anyone else; there is no superior race, religion, spiritual practice, realm of philosophy or gender. In the Creator's eyes, we are all equal. Ah, to be a child again. As children, we did not see a person's skin color; we knew nothing of religion or philosophy. We loved people simply because they were, not because of who or what they were. In the immortal words of Bill & Ted, "Be excellent to each other."

End of Ranting & Raving

(Thank you for your patience)




Want more links?? Please check out my new Links page.


Recovery- I have found new life in Recovery from addiction within the halls of Alcoholics Anonymous. By working the 12 Steps, I learned how to live with myself. By working the 12 Traditions, I learned how to live with others in society. And because I have chosen to work the program of A.A., I have received the Promises that are given in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Learning Natural Medicine-If I had known that I was going to need to remember chemistry, I would have paid more attention in class. Just kidding. Learning about herbs and natural methods of healing yourself is very fascinating. I started trying to learn this ancient practice when I began to practice the ways of my Native American ancestors.

ME-This is my most important project. I have found that I have to work on me everyday. I am always under construction. I have also found that it is not other people that make my life difficult, it is me that makes my life difficult. The woman you see on this page did not exist 2 years ago. I also know that the woman you see right now, is not the woman I will be in, say, 6 months from now. The keys to the changes that have occurred in my life, are Honesty, Open-mindedness, and Willingness.

I would like to thank you for being visitor since May 15, 1997. If you have any comments, suggestions or just want to say hi, me. Or, you can use one of the following options: or

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I would also like to thank for giving me the FREE web space. You can get one, too.

 Until we meet again, my friends, please, be good to one another, keep love in your heart for all creatures. Do what you can to save our Earth Mother. May you walk in Peace, Love, Joy and Happiness. May the Love and Light of the Lord and Lady Shine upon you. Blessed Be.

 This page was last updated on April 29, 1998.