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Not a wish, but the reality of truth.
Only through understanding, consideration, love, and harmony
will humanity and Nature survive the future . . . together.
Without these four things, humanity will destroy itself
as Nature rebuilds over our "civilization".

Author Unknown

Welcome to

Nature's Plea

The fate of the world is in our hands.

Index Page - Part 2

Once hidden by reality . . . now uncovered by fantasy

In the eyes of reality, we see Nature as she is. What if we could see her
through the eyes of fantasy? Now, through Jim Warren's surrealism, we can.

Nature's Plea wishes to thank Jim Warren for his beautiful artwork.

"Nature's Plea" gratefully acknowledges the artist Jim Warren for his permission to feature his art on this web site. All artwork on this site is copywrited by Jim Warren and may not be reproduced without his written permission.

Jim Warren's artwork may be found at
Please note: Jim Warren's site is back up and running.
The ART of Jim Warren

The undersea art work is done by Wyland. He has made every picture very unique.
You can find more of his work at,
Wyland Kid's Web

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