Steven Janega

Email address:
Age: 48 years old
Residence: Minneapolis
State: MN
Country: US
Greeting: spoken greeting


I am just a beginner with building Web Pages so bear with me.
I went to school in Madrid, Spain. If you want information about our reunions, drop me an e-mail and I will tell you who to contact. There is information about the 2002 reunion there.
I have a daughter named Lennaya and two sons named Viktor and Jozf.
Just a click on their names will take you to their web pages.


Today I still have a job.
I do have a resume available.


Hockey, Music, Seeking Enlightenment

I am an ICQ person. You can page me by clicking on the pager. (I think)

Follow these links if you see one you like:

  1. Madrid/Torrejon High School Association
  2. Wanna see the rest of the crazies
  3. So do you want to puck around?
  4. Loup-o-mania
  5. Enlightenment of a sort
  6. A City of the Strange
  7. This is where I hung out in Spain
  8. And now for something really different

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This is me at the mall during Christmas shopping. Photo taken by a PC-CAM at the Internet booth.
I am glad to look and feel my best.

Here is one of yours truely and old Blue eyes

Who wins the blue eyes contest???

This is me trying to show off for my true love - he killed me 10 seconds later.

This is a picture I paid JDH $150,000 for. It is from the first reunion I went to around 1930. Do I look young or what!