The Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis
Minneapolis, MN
We welcome volunteers from everywhere. Birders of all ages and skill levels are welcome. Send us an e-mail message or call the numbers listed below to get further details on meeting times and places.
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Volunteer Opportunities -

- Audubon Chapter of Minneapoliis Board Secretary (~3 hrs/mon.) - Responsible to attend the Chapter Board meetings and take minutes. Then publish the minutes and distribute them to the Board and Committee Chairs.

- Membership Chair (2 hrs/mon.,, with a couple of months up to 6 hrs/mon.) - Chair Membership Committee and guide planning for a couple of membership drives each year. Help recruit Membership Committee members.

- Field Trip Leaders (3 – 9 hrs/mon.) – Lead from 1 – 3 field trips/month (actually leading only one trip would be greatly appreciated).

- Education Committee Chair (4 hrs/mon.) – Chair Education Committee and develop programs for in-school visits and adult environmental education.

- Education Committee members –– Assist the Education Chair in carrying out the education programs. Advise the Education chair on education issues.

- Conservation Committee members (2 hrs/mon.) – Assist Conservation Committee Chair in caring out programs and offer advice on environmental matters. The Conservation Committee is also looking for a person the chair the committee.

- Important Bird Areas (IBA’s) Nomination writer (10 – 20 hrs/yr) – Write up nominations for IBA’s in the Audubon Chapter of Minneapolis membership area.

- Birdathon Coordinator (10 hrs/yr) – Coordinate the annual Birdathon Fundraiser each year. It is usually held sometime during the spring migration.

MORE INFORMATION: Jerry Bahls (763) 572-2333, or John Arthur (952) 931-0819,

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