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The first book in the trilogy "Sex, Communism & Einstein"
by John Doan
Relativity on fire again.
Interview with Einstein. Time dilation is not caused by uniform motion as written in Einstein's equation.
What is Time?
It's still not wrong to say our space cannot be curved.
The speed of light is not constant and absolute.
Related Information. (updated 15 June 98)
How to test your Physics teacher? And be warned, he could fail. (updated 15 Sept 97)
The end of Einstein's time equation. (updated 10 Aug 97)
An open letter to Professor Stephen Hawking. How can you write a letter to your idol, saying that you admire him, respect him, love him and don't understand him? This is it. (posted 29 Aug 97)
If the speed of light is not absolute, what would happen to theoretical Physics?
Time Dilation - A Misconception.
Twenty questions only Einstein can answer? (posted 15 Sept 97)
Interview with Newton (posted 10 Jan 98)
Newton vs Einstein.
4D space-time model.
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Author's Interview. In a world where everyone needs to win, winners are whom we should listen to.  If we want to learn Relativity, there're already thousands of bestselling brilliant textbooks written by geniuses, professors and famous physicists for everyone to copy from.  Here is only an odd story about a poor guy who challenged Relativity and died as a loser, that I want to dedicate this book to.  I happened to learn from him more than what I'd learnt from textbooks. (posted 6 Nov 98)
Comments from Professor Jan C A Boeyens. This book by John Doan and many others like it should be read by all serious scientists who are concerned about the public image of science and the minimal cultural impact thereof. (posted 1 Dec 98) Comments from Francisco Muller, NPA president It is entertaining, colorful, witty, psychologically moving and dramatic at the same time. (posted 15 Dec 98)
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