Space curvature.
by John Doan

Flaw 12: "Space-time is curved, but there is no dimension for it to curve into?! If you put a piece of paper on a table (X-Z axis) and I bend it, it will bend into another dimension (Y axis). There has to be somewhere for it to curve into! Where does it go, if there isn't another dimension? You can't put a something in a place that is nowhere. It just won't fit."

Frank Lofaro (Flaws of Relativity)

No any relativity books in history can give a true diagram of a 4-D space-time model. They all say it's impossible to draw a 4-D object. Even Professor Stephen Hawking in "A Brief History of Time" said, "It is impossible to imagine a four-dimentional space." And yet we're talking about things like space-time is not flat, but warped or curved by mass, and the bodies move in 4-D straight lines but seen as curved path in 3-D space! How do we know a 4-D straight line would be seen as curved when we cannot see it? If everyone is blind, how do we know the difference between black and white? People talk about things that no one can see. And that's where confusion is, because no one can prove it.

Now for the first time, I will give a method to draw a real 4-D object in a real 4-D space-time, that everyone can see. And once we see it, all mysteries open. I can now put our solar system in an Euclidean 4-D space-time and I can show you a straight line in 4-D space-time never appears as a curved line in 3-D. A curved line in a higher-dimentional Euclidean space can be seen as a straight line in a lower-dimentional space, but never the other way.


You don't believe it? Wait, till you read my book.
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