Hi and welcome to Kate's Crystal Dolphin!! Whether this is your first time here or if you're back for another look, thanks for stopping to check it out and I hope you enjoy what you find!

This little guy has been with me since day one. His name is Pablo. He was adopted from a website that is long gone. He will be part of Kate's Crystal Dolphin forever!

Have a look around, go on treasure hunts, adopt a pet or two and of course discover good resources and links to dolphin websites.

My site updates are located in the blog below!


30th: It's been months without updates, I apologise. I've been way too obsessed with facebook instead. Maybe next school holidays I will have a chance to update, but I can't promise it!


21st: Did some minor maintenance on Fanlistings. It's my birthday soon. Oh and I recently got engaged! Yay!


17th: Crazy crabs, Icy Pops, Chickles, The Beehive, Cupcakes and Invisible Link winners have all been updated. I would update more but a thunderstorm is in full swing and I prefer to be off the computer at this time, sorry!

16th: Just letting you know I am still alive and plan to do some kind of update in the next week and a half, especially since it's about 6 months overdue.


7th: Game winners, pet adopters and things have been updated.


18th: About Me section reviewed. Dolphins links checked and reviewed. Neopets section updated and reviewed.

14th: Finders of the Secret Ocean have had their names listed on the winners page. Adopters of Bees from the Beehive have had their names listed. Crab names, Chickle adopter names and cupcake names have been added. Winners of my Invisible Link Game have been added to the winners page.

10th: Chickle adoption names added.

7th: Icy Pop adoptee names are there now! And so are any Castle Maze Winners.

6th: Crab adoptee names have been added! And Cupcake names too!


16th: I'm afraid the only update I have for you is the fact that yes, I am still alive. I do have hundreds of winners, adoptees, etc, etc clogging up my email, all waiting patiently to be listed, so fear not, those form submissions have all been received. I'm just too busy with real life to update them. I hope you are living the high life too!


10th: As usual, all game winners, pet adopters, pet adoptees and the 'About Me' section have had an update. It's school holidays again, woohoo! Please don't expect many updates over the next few months as I'll be having a student teacher in my classroom so a lot of my free time will be taken preparing for that. The only updates will appear when I'll be procrastinating, so with that in mind, updates may be more frequent than expected!

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